Dropping the Last 10 Pounds

hat is the difference between lean and ripped? About 10 pounds. Most people notice when they start to get really lean that the fat pounds start to come off slower. It is like looking at the bottom curve of a graph in most cases.


But why is this?

It is actually a natural response by the body to protect itself. A human body is not meant to carry very low fat amounts because those fat stores are the natural reserve sources for fuel in case of emergencies. While you are thinking about showing off that awesome six-pack set of abs your body is worried about accidentally getting lost in the woods.

So how can you grind out the last 10 pounds that make that difference between lean and, “Wow, look at that body.”? It takes some hard work along with these great tips we compiled.

Getting Ripped

Increasing your natural efficiency for burning calories and fat is the biggest key to lose those last bits of fat. Unless you have the free time to double up on even more cardio work in the gym you simply need to make your body better at burning fat the rest of each day that you aren’t in the gym. So let’s look at things to increase your metabolism.

The best option is to switch up your workouts to a style that promotes a release of hormones that then increase your metabolism for hours after you get done pumping iron.

  • Increase your rep range – Aim for doing 8 to 15 reps per set instead of low repetitions. But make sure these are challenging reps that force you to work hard.
  • Adjust your sets – Studies have shown that doing between 2 and 4 sets per exercise is optimal for releasing fat-burning hormones. More is not better as the affect caps out at four.
  • Reduce the rest – Rest 60 seconds or less between sets. Longer rest periods are needed for maximum effort low rep sets. But you need to pick up the pace so skip the small talk and focus on the task at hand.
  • Go full body – Your metabolism increase is related to how much of your total muscle is used during a workout. So a good idea is to switch to either full body workouts or an upper/lower combination to maximize that effect.
  • Superset it up – Use alternating muscle groups and hit your body harder and faster. The muscles get the proper rest time but your body won’t fatigue as faster overall.
  • Slow it down – This applies to rep speed. Make sure to use control and focus to activate as many muscle fibers as possible. Take 1-2 seconds to contract a muscle and 3 seconds on the negative portion, pausing 1 second on the top and bottom of each rep.
  • Keep cardio sessions short – You want to utilize about 30 minutes of HIIT cardio work to get maximum fat burning and then get out of the gym. Marathon sessions are great if you are running an actually marathon but it won’t help give your metabolism a post-workout boost.

The Nuvaring Causes Vaginitis: What Is That and is it Serious?

NuvaRing, a device shaped like a ring and inserted into the vagina, is a third-generation contraceptive that relies for effectiveness on doses of progestin and estrogen over a three-week period, thus mimicking a woman’s natural fertility cycle.


The administration of progestin and estrogen into the vaginal wall, and into the bloodstream, creates elevated levels of these two hormones which then act in three ways to prevent pregnancy. In the first instance, the release of eggs from the ovaries is prevented; in the second, cervical mucus is thickened, preventing sperm from swimming very far; and finally, the uterine lining is also thickened, making it less likely to harbor and nourish a fertilized egg.

That is the upside of NuvaRing. On the downside, this third-generation contraceptive causes blood clots that can lead to stroke, heart attack or even death. This, even though studies have shown that NuvaRing is no more effective than first- or second-generation birth control pills and devices. In fact, contraceptive pills using the same NuvaRing ingredients, and developed to help minimize first-generation contraceptive side effects like acne, facial hair or hair loss, weight gain, abdominal pain, loss of libido and moodiness, are no better at birth control than older and more time-honored pills like Ortho Novum, which hit the marketplace in 1963 under the brand names Ortho-Novum 10 and Ortho-Novum 2.

On the less scary side, NuvaRing also causes vaginitis, which – while irritating and disturbing – at least does not lead to effects (stroke and heart attack) that should seldom, if ever, be seen among young women in the prime of life (and health).

Vaginitis is rarely dangerous but the irritation alone is enough to make some women toss their contraceptive rings like a bad can of soup. Whether caused by a bacterium, a yeast infection, or a parasite associated with sexual intercourse (trichomoniasis), vaginitis – while not painful per se – is one of the most annoying ailments on the planet.

Itching, burning discharge, painful urination or pain during intercourse, as well as light bleeding or spotting, create a scenario that finds most young, healthy women tearing out their hair because the symptoms are so interruptive and cause such a negative effect on the overall quality of life. While not usually dangerous, vaginitis for first-time sufferers bears looking into by a medical professional, if only to rule out other causes or more dangerous conditions.

Other causes include taking an antibiotic for another infection (in the ears or lungs, for example), or having uncontrolled or poorly controlled diabetes – with blood sugars ranging from 180 to 400. A non-functioning or defective thyroid, as seen in patients with Hashimoto’s syndrome, is another cause of vaginitis. Pregnancy can also cause vaginitis, as can endocrine disorders or therapy with corticosteroids, also known as prednisone, which are used to treat everything from brain injury to arthritic inflammation of a joint, including allergic reactions like asthma and hay fever.

The dangers of vaginitis include the fact that women who have it will find their risk for sexually transmitted diseases – including pelvic inflammatory disease, or PID – increasing exponentially. Surgical procedures, including abortions and hysterectomies, apparently also provoke PIDs.

Finally, Candida, or thrush, is the result of an overgrowth of fungi normally kept under control by “friendly” bacteria. However, after taking an antibiotic and destroying these beneficial bacteria, yeast organisms run wild, infecting mucus membranes throughout the body (including those inside the mouth).

Yeasts are relatively harmless, but when vaginal infections occur as a result of bacteria or trichomonaisis, pregnant women may deliver prematurely – sometimes fatally so as far as the fetus is concerned. More likely, these women will deliver babies seriously underweight. The lower limit of acceptable birth weight is 5.5 pounds. Less than that, and serious problems like the failure of the posterior fontanel (a portion of the skull) to close can result in dangerous hematomas. These are accumulations of blood between the exposed brain and the tough layer of skin that covers it before the fontanel is fully developed.

For the more than one million women using the NuvaRing and experiencing symptoms like vaginitis, premature birth and low birth weight, or even stroke and heart attack, the most effective way to approach the problem is finding a NuvaRing injury lawyer to expertly and supportively state your case to the manufacturer, Organon, or to a judge or jury.

Change Your Lifestyle, Change Your Skin

Our lifestyles dictate our health and well-being. When your life is filled with unhealthy activity, unhealthy foods, and unhealthy substances, your skin will reflect that. If your skin is acne-ridden, dull, sagging, or oily, you may need to make some lifestyle changes.

Change Your Lifestyle, Change Your Skin

Is Acne Really Linked to Lifestyle Choices?

For years, dermatologists scratched their heads regarding the increasing prevalence of acne in our culture. Why, all of a sudden, were so many adolescents dealing with this unsightly skin disorder? The answer, of course, could be found in our lifestyle choices. A lack of exercise, consumption of poor foods without any vitamins, and the exposure to artificial chemicals and by-products was discovered to be a huge factor in the prevalence of acne.

Exercise for Skin Health

Exercise is indisputably linked to healthy skin. When you exercise, your body becomes a more efficient machine. That’s all our bodies are, after all: machines. When this machine is primed regularly, it begins ridding itself of the substances that are wreaking havoc on the organs. Bacteria, dirt, oil, and infection can all be eliminated through regular exercise.

Antioxidants and Omega-3s

Did you know that there are foods you could be eating that have been proven to help with acne? A lot of the food we eat is void of healthy nutrients and beneficial minerals. Pay close attention to your diet. Are there foods that you love to eat but that may have a negative effect on your skin? Is your hair dull and lifeless? Are your fingernails brittle and ugly? These are all signs that you may not be receiving the nutrients your body needs for healthy skin, hair, and fingernail production. Be sure to include foods in your diet that are high in antioxidants and omega-3s. Antioxidants, like those found in blueberries, pomegranates, and green tea, can rid the body of free radicals that cause cells to deteriorate. Omega-3 foods like salmon, tuna, and nuts can provide a health source of fat to the body. Either of these changes can improve skin tone and quality.

How to Find a Good Sleep Apnea Doctor

If you suffer from sleep apnea, it’s vital that you find a good sleep apnea doctor.  This condition is very dangerous and can cause long-term health problems, and in extreme cases, can even cause death.  The right physician can accurately diagnosis your condition and give you personalized recommendations for combating this condition, and can also prescribe the right medications or apparatus to be worn at night.  How do you find the best sleep apnea doctor and can your family physician help with your condition?

How to Find a Good Sleep Apnea Doctor

In some cases a family doctor can diagnose your sleep apnea but often it’s good to find someone that specializes in the disorder.  This is because sleep apnea can be caused by a number of problems and you need an accurate diagnosis for it to be treated.  For example, a family physician who is not a sleep apnea doctor may prescribe a breathing apparatus to wear at night without pointing out that a patient’s obesity is the cause of sleep apnea.  If you don’t address the obesity, the breathing apparatus may not work as well as expected and only the symptoms of sleep apnea are being treated, not the cause.

How can you find a sleep apnea doctor for your condition?  You might ask your family doctor for a recommendation.  Don’t worry that they’ll be offended; it’s part of their job to recommend specialists.  They may even recommend that you visit a sleep disorder clinic so you can be sure that you actually have apnea and not another sleep disorder.  It’s often difficult for a patient to diagnose their own condition even if they have researched sleep apnea, so a sleep apnea doctor who works with a sleep disorders clinic can be a better choice.

When choosing a sleep apnea doctor you want one that offers a number of solutions for the condition rather than one who is just quick to prescribe medication or a sleep apparatus.  Often addressing the causes of apnea will be better than any quick fix, so you want a sleep apnea doctor who will get information from you about your overall health, your lifestyle choices, your sleeping patterns, and things such as these.  Your doctor may make recommendations you don’t want to hear such as having to lose weight, choose a different eating plan, or cut back on drinking alcohol or smoking, but these are important for treating apnea overall.  He or she will also have medications and apparatus available for immediate relief of sleep apnea and shouldn’t hesitate to recommend these as well.

Pilates Exercises Weight Loss

Learn 3 simple Pilates exercises to slim and shape the waist, flatten the tummy and lift the buttocks


3 Exercises Pilates for Weight Loss

There are many slimming Pilates movements that surely want to consider and implement as soon as possible. Here we have 3 simple Pilates exercises to lose weight, whether you want to prevent or treat obesity, build muscle, or maybe flatten, tone and achieve the body you always wanted, with improved posture and health.

Pilates Weight Loss: Exercise 1

For this first Pilates exercise for weight loss, spread a mat on the floor and get comfortable clothes. Put on your knees (spaced less than shoulder width) and posing palms of your hands flat on the floor, at the height of your shoulders and arms outstretched. Inhale deeply and exhale, wearing a knee toward your chest, separating the ground and focusing it on your body. Inhale as you turn round with the knee and, as you exhale, your chest about the other knee.

Do 10 repetitions on each leg, and then adds two more moves: exhale bringing your right knee on center chest, inhale to return to the original pose and exhale bringing the left knee. Inhale, return to the starting pose, exhale and this time bring the right knee to left elbow (without touching or touching the ground), inhale, and exhale bringing the left knee to your right elbow. These 4 movements count as 1 full repetition. In total, make 10 complete repetitions.

As you progress through this exercise Pilates, Iron clinicians in position or Flex: postnasal with palms on the floor at the height of the shoulders and legs stretched back, buttocks aligned with the spine, such as making a diagonal line between your back and legs. Controls the movement of the body, do the exercises slowly to not move sideways or lose spinal alignment. Remember to keep his gaze to the floor so that your head aligned with the spine too.

Slimming Pilates: Exercise 2

Then we will make a Pilates exercise thinner upper body.

Get in position Iron: pointed toes, legs straight back and bent to pose the only knees apart, palms of hands resting on the floor below the shoulders, as if you’ll do pushups. Keep the chest open and shoulders away from your ears, and tense your navel toward your spine to maintain a constant abdominal tension by making all Pilates exercises for weight loss.

Inhale and exhale, take your chest toward the floor, bending your elbows back (keep them close to your body) and not sideways. Do not lean on the ground. Inhale as you return to propel you upward, and repeated a total of 10 pushups. As you gain experience in Pilates exercise you begin the movement with well-spread legs back.

Slimming Pilates: Exercise 3

Finally, the core work, i.e. the central zone of the body where our power (and the harder area also shape) is concentrated. Sit up straight and well aligned spine. Stretch your legs forward if you can, or bend your knees to pose the feet as far from your buttocks as possible, maximizing its effectiveness. Inhale as you lie on the floor, stretching back well to do without help with your hands.

Interlock your hands behind your head, holding her neck to avoid working from the neck. Also, make sure you always keep separate chin to your chest, and work from your abs and not from the arms or neck. As you exhale, shoulders off the floor as much as possible, without overtaxing your body. These are exercises in Pilates for weight loss, and not to be exaggerated muscles click the controlled movement and consciously, without provoke pain. Keep your shoulders detached from the floor for about 2-4 seconds and returns to the floor without resting at all. Repeated a total of 10 times this movement.

These 3 simple Pilates exercises to lose weight will not take too long, and can make them even without experience. As you practice them over and over, you’ll see that you have more energy and toning the body easily.

The Services Offered by a Dentist in Brisbane

Though there are a number of good dentists in Brisbane, with a large number of them available, it is sometimes difficult to figure out which one is better than the other. One might need to put an extra effort to locate the right kind of dentist Brisbane for himself. This is more so the case with someone who is new in the area. Always try to go by recommendations in these cases. It is good to be guided by someone whom you know and hence trust.

The Services Offered by a Dentist in Brisbane

With the large number of impacts that cosmetic dentistry has on the overall dental health, its takers in the capital of Australia is increasing with every passing day. The process helps an individual regain the perfect smile. Of the several dental procedures which help an individual get a perfect look, tooth whitening is an important one and it is quite popular in Brisbane. Remember unless you have a healthy and good set of teeth you wouldn’t be able to eat properly or smile heartily.

The charismatic smile a dentist Brisbane will help you end up with can win over millions of hearts. Discolored teeth or teeth with yellow patches on them will not make an impressive smile. Therefore if you have disfigured or discolored teeth, there are quite a few affordable dental care services available in Brisbane for you. With a little bit of research, these services will be available easily.

Dentists of Brisbane specialize on various fields. While some are proficient with cosmetic dentistry, others have flourished in general dentistry itself. There is also a group who practice orthodontic dentistry. Each of these dentist procedures will help you get the most attractive and perfect smile.

Hydrogen peroxide is a prime component in bleaching gels which are used to whiten teeth. When a licensed dentist uses bleaching gels, you can be assured that it would contain higher amount of hydrogen peroxide than other whitening products. If you get your teeth whitened by licensed dentists you shall be entitled to enjoying quite a few benefits. But two most important ones are the facts that it is safe and it is less time consuming. With licensed dentists you know that your teeth and money are in safe hands.

Another important kind of treatment which is gaining popularity along with bleaching agents, with every passing day is laser technology. In Brisbane, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, laser technology is one of the most popular ones. The laser treatment works by light energy from argon lasers exciting the peroxide molecules without heating the tooth pulp, and thereby creating an inflammatory situation for the teeth. This whole process shall take an hour to get over.

The lifestyle of the people of Brisbane has changed considerably after dental implants came into being. Individuals who have disfigured their teeth in some manner or the other can take advantage of this ideal solution to get their smiles back. In dental implants metal anchors are surgically fixed into one’s jawbone. These implants are durable solutions and they provide a stronger and permanent remedy for broken or disfigured tooth. The cost of the dental implants will depend upon two things. Firstly, how qualified the dentist is and secondly the number of teeth you wish to be replaced. The average cost would be something around $ 1200 to $ 1500 a teeth.

The proximity is something that you should always keep in mind when it comes to looking for dentists in Brisbane. Be it latest technology in dentistry or affordable dentists, Brisbane offers you all these kind, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.