5 Amazing Benefits of Root Canal Treatment


Dental health is an integral aspect of your overall health. Dental infections occasionally aggravate other illnesses in the body. Furthermore, the searing pain caused by an infected tooth is unbearable. There are various treatment methods, each with different efficacy contingent on the problem. However, the inflamed teeth solution is root canals in the East Village dental center. You cannot ignore the acute pain that stems up from the damaged pulp of your tooth. Root canals alleviate the pain and impart much more amazing benefits. Read on to find out how a root canal treatment will significantly improve your dental health.

Retaining Natural Teeth

Essentially, root canal treatment is the alternative to tooth extraction. Inflamed pulp breaks down, and bacteria multiply in the pulp cavity. A significant number of individuals would expect tooth extraction because root canal treatment is painful and results in teeth loss. These claims are unfounded. Root canal treatment enables you to keep your tooth, rather than leave an unsightly gap. Teeth gaps often lead to malocclusion following continued impact.

Prevents Jawbone Degeneration

The roots of the teeth rest on the jawbone. Constant stimulation of the alveolar bone supports teeth rebuilding. When the pulp is inflamed, there is minimal stimulation. Tooth extraction removes the painful pulp but leaves a gap. Diminished jawbone stimulation weakens the remaining teeth and causes sunken cheekbones, making you appear years older than you are. Root canal treatment does not leave a gap, hence ensures there is jawbone stimulation for sturdy teeth.

Value for Money

The long-term upkeep cost of most dental solutions surpasses a standard root canal procedure cost. Root canals are relatively affordable; however, the cost varies from clinic to clinic and the type of practitioner. Endodontists charge more than dentists for the same treatment. Expert dentists at East Village dental center charge a pocket-friendly price for root canal treatment. Additionally, root canal treatment also prepares your teeth for crowns, which saves you money if you have significantly chipped teeth. Root canals do not have post-procedural care demands, and therefore, you will not incur further costs in maintaining your teeth.

Prevents Malocclusion

Prolonged impact on the teeth causes shifting of the dental structure. The jawbone holds teeth in place to prevent slippage. When you have a tooth gap, the jawbone cannot restrict teeth movement. Repeated shifting causes malocclusion, which is detrimental to your biting force. Root canals ensure there is no gap after treatment. A typical procedure would involve filling your teeth after cleaning. Therefore, your teeth will retain pristine alignment long after the root canal procedure.

Relieves Tooth Pain

An inflamed pulp causes severe pain. Cavities deep in the root cause the most excruciating pain among all dental complications. Root canal treatment removes infected tissue and cleanses the canal. The dentist then fills and seals the canal to prevent attracting any debris that may cause future pain. Specialized care is imperative to make the procedure as painless as possible. It is highly important to schedule a dentist appointment at the renowned East Village dental center for root canal treatment.


Root canal treatment has a 95% success rate. Dentists at East Village Dental center use Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) for better accuracy. CBCT ensures you get the correct treatment for effective resolution. Schedule a visit today for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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