5 things that affect the health of your ovaries


The ovaries are part of our feminine nature, are the organs of fertility and these sex glands, which in turn regulate many of our functions, such as menstruation and the production of hormones like progesterone and estrogen.

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Unfortunately, as you know, the ovaries are related to various diseases that can not be avoided. The ovarian cysts, tumors or even premature failure of their function, are risks that we are exposed women worldwide. Hence the importance of screening and, in turn, always maintain adequate lifestyle.

In this article we discover yourself what are usually the main risks we usually run and that, somehow, often affect the health of our ovaries.

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1. Obesity

As we know, overweight always carries a high risk to our health. However, how obesity is related to diseases associated with the ovaries?

  • It is important to know that obesity alters not only our metabolism, but also our hormones. This means, for example, that when we begin to store excess fat in the endocrine system is also altered, promoting changes arising in the period.
  • Many experts warn that these changes in hormone levels usually generate from poly cystic ovaries to possible tumors. Indeed, many doctors warn that sometimes female infertility is associated with obesity.

2. The weight of the genetic factors

Genetics, diseases that have been our mothers, grandmothers or aunts, to a large extent determine the diseases we may suffer associated with our female reproductive system. For example, it is known that if one of our family has suffered from ovarian cancer, there is a good chance that we too can have it sooner or later.

It is known that there are small mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes are often inherited. Hence, many women suelan order a complete genetic analysis to find out the exact probability of suffering. In our space, as you recall, we explain the case of Angelina Jolie and how this famous actress finally opted for the removal of her ovaries and undergoing a early menopause.

3. Having children at a late age

Currently, not all women can have children the same ages as our mothers or grandmothers. The difficulties of the working environment, regardless of home or even have a job that prevents us to have enough time to care for our children, has little by little, motherhood comes usually beyond 30 years.

Does this pose a risk to our health? Generally, as we say the experts, higher ovulation over our lives greater risk of disease associated with the ovaries. Thus, and according to statistics, it seems that having children before age 26 usually prevent ovarian cancer we suffer a fairly high probability.

This protection ceases to be effective when, for example, we have our first child beyond 35 years.

4. The danger of talcum powder

We’ve already discussed this in other articles in our space. The talcum powder is associated with ovarian cancer for various reasons that are worth taking into account:

  • Talc is composed of magnesium silicate, which contains a toxic substance called asbestos which generally induces the appearance of different types of cancers, not only the ovaries. In fact, he also knows he can promote breast cancer, because many people use it as a deodorant.
  • Interestingly, in the United States federal laws made ​​since the 1970s powders were manufactured asbestos free talc. However, not all countries have regulated the same way.
  • The fact that it is women who suffer in greater cancer incidence associated with talcum powder is mainly due to the use of this product in our babies along quite some time: it “breathes” without us realize at the time that we apply to children.

Always remember to look at the composition of the talc you use to see if they contain asbestos.

5. A high-fat diet

From our room you always recommend a healthy lifestyle, where never forget to practice some exercise and, above all, to feed a balanced, varied and leaving aside the always dangerous fats.

We know that we like, that muffin or cake comes very well in the afternoon, those dishes made ​​with refined flour and salt are tastier … however, you know that that kind of power favors the appearance of tumors, and more yet you normally choose the ovaries to “nest” in the case of us women.

So raise your rations of water, juices and fruit and vegetables because, otherwise consume any food rich in fat eventually change our estrogen activity.

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