7 Most Common Causes Of Depression


Anyone, regardless of age and gender, can be affected by depression. Depression and anxiety change the way we think, sense and handle rough times.Many aspects can cause depression in a person. For most people, hiring professional services on individual counseling like Colleen Hurll can help them get through depression.

If you want to know more about the top six most common causes of depression, then keep on reading down below.

  1. Genetics and Biology

Researchers have linked depression to familial connections and genetics. Having a parent, sibling or family member with depression is a risk factor that you might suffer the same as well.

  1. Imbalance In Brain Chemistry

Every person has a neurotransmitter which is involved in regulating our moods. These neurotransmitters are chemicals substances that help brain areas communicate with each other. If short in supply, an imbalance occurs,and this causes symptoms we popularly recognize as clinical depression.

  1. Female Sex Hormones

Did you know that women suffer twice as often from depression compared to men? Yes, that’s true. There are many documents of women suffering from major depression because their hormones peak up during their reproductive years.When a woman’s hormones are in flux, especially during the menstrual period, childbirth and premenopausal, the risk of getting depressive disorders are high. However, their depression risk will rapidly lessen after the menopause stage. If you are having a hard time dealing with these symptoms, you can always consult a professional Counselling Hills District from Colleen Hurll website for help.

  1. Circadian Rhythm Disturbance

Our bodies have a normal circadian rhythm which when disrupted, can cause a type of depression called season affective disorder or major depressive disorder with a seasonal pattern. During short days of winter where people spend little tie outdoors, the lack of light entering the eye can be disrupted and cause depression. The one who has the highest risk are those living in areas with cold climates where there are short and dark days.

  1. Poor Diet And Lack Of Nutrition

Having a proper diet is essential in becoming healthy. Lack of nutrition and proper diet can contribute to the feeling of depression in many ways since your body will not be receiving vitamins and minerals from healthy fruits and vegetables. Also, diets with low omega-3 fatty acids or even too much sugar can be associated with symptoms of depression in a person.

  1. Physical Health Problems

A person’s body and mind are always connected. People who have experienced accidents and are unable to move a part of their body or have physical health problems might develop changes in their mental health. Other factors that may trigger depression include the stress of having a chronic illness, thyroid disorders, Addison’s disease,and liver disease.

  1. Alcohol And Drug Intake

Excessive intake of alcohol and drugs can lead to depressive disorders. Even some prescriptions drugs, such as stimulants, anticonvulsants, corticosteroids,and beta-blockers, have been linked to depression. Remember always to review your medicines and speak with your physician and ask for a safer medication if depression symptoms occur.

Final Word

Depression is an illness that is increasingly affecting people worldwide and interfering with daily concentration, motivation, and many other aspects which are vital for functioning everyday. Once diagnosed, a person with depression can be treated using various treatments which include medication and psychotherapy.

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