A Brief Insight to Physical Therapy Facts


Physical therapy is recommended to people who have some kind of injury and that is making it difficult for them to move around and perform their daily activities. The primary aim of physical therapy is to give you relief from pain caused due to any accident or injury and improve your mobility. Physical therapists like Ali Nabizadeh are experts in various physical therapy techniques and they help you by reducing your pain and helping you to move around in a better way. They also improve your fitness levels and your overall health.

Here are certain facts about physical therapy that everyone should know:

Functions of Physical Therapy

  • Injury Recoveries: Physical therapy helps you to recover from any injuries like plantar fasciitis or lower back pain by reducing the pain of tendons, muscles and ligament. If done by experts like Ali Nabizadeh, physical therapy can help improve the functions of your soft issues and increasing your muscle strength.
  • Chronic Health Conditions: Patients who suffer from permanent or chronic physical conditions can also get help from physical therapy. Some of the conditions that physical therapy can improve are arthritis, vertigo, Parkinson’s disease, spinal stenosis, and a few more. A physical activity program is designed by the therapist that improves muscle strength and endurance.
  • Disability Rehabilitation: Certain physical conditions like stroke, spinal cord injury, and cardiopulmonary conditions can lead to serious consequences if not treated on time. A physical therapist in such situations would take care of your motion range and physical mobility like climbing stairs, walking etc. Here, proper equipment like wheel chair, walker etc. is recommended as per the needs of the patient.
  • Childhood Health Conditions: Physical therapy is just not for the adults. It is also recommended to children chronic injuries or health conditions and it works by improving muscle strength and endurance in children. This in turns improve the child’s mobility as well. Some of the conditions treated by physical therapy in children are cerebral palsy brain injury, arthritis etc. A physical plan is drawn by the doctor as per the needs of the children.

Types of Physical Therapies

As per experienced and qualified physical therapists like Ali Nabizadeh, there are various types of physical therapies that are used in combination to offer you relief from your pain and discomfort and they are:

  • Exercise to increase your physical strength and endurance. Exercises in physical therapy are designed for a particular health condition or injury. Stretching of muscles of the back, jogging, lifting weights etc. are some of the exercises recommended.
  • Cold and heat therapy to give you instant relief from some kind of inflammation. In case of fresh injuries, only cold therapy is applied and involves the use of ice pack, ice massage etc. to get relief from pain. Heat therapy helps muscles relax and improves blood circulation.
  • Manual therapy includes massage treatment, manipulation etc.
  • Ultrasound and electric stimulation are some of the other types of physical therapies that offer muscle relaxation and helps to heal wounds.
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