Adrafinil as a Memory Enhancing Supplements


Nootropics is a popular name among Body builders, athletes and sports professionals. These smart supplements are the main focus of the people who look for cognitive enhancement. Cognitive enhancer otherwise called as neuro enhancers or intelligence enhancers are available in large for increasing the mental ability of a person. These are also common in the field of academia, for increasing the productivity and for gaining a sharper memory power. Though these types of supplements are known for its efficient results, few people take a step back from these supplements due to its mild to severe side effects.

Memory Enhancing Supplements

What are Cognitive Enhancers?

Cognition in general is known as the mental act or the process flow that helps a person acquire knowledge. It not only increases the knowledge level of the person but also enhances the power of intuition, analytical and reasoning ability. By means of cognitive enhancement, a person uses the medical supplement or biotechnological methods and strategies for the improvement of cognitive functions. Some of the enhancements that can be made by these supplements to an individual are improving the focus, increasing the concentration and improving the health of the memory. For those, who suffer from memory loss can also be easily cured by these supplements.

Adrafinil – A Class of Nootropics

Adrafinil is used as a cognitive enhanger for improving the cognitive skills. Here is the list of the cognitive skills that are enhanced by Adrafinil.

  • Ability to learn new information
  • Ability to develop personal thoughts
  • Problem Solving
  • Motor Skills
  • Increasing the Level of Consciousness
  • Improving the awareness
  • Clarity in thoughts

All the above mentioned cognitive skills are much essential for the body builders, athletes and learners to reach their goal. Adrafinil is a Eugeroic supplement that acts as a stimulant. It is said that in recent years, Adrafinil has become popular among the students and the workers who are working in places like financial institutions. This is because they are the main target for these supplements as it is helpful in eliminating the weakness and providing strength among them.

Benefits of Adrafinil

As Adrafinil is mainly used as a cognitive enhancer, its benefit mainly revolves around in increasing the memory power of a person using it. Apart from its primary use, these nootropics supplements are also effective in sleep disorders. Sleep disorders can rise through various factors like stress, depression, anger and restlessness. Adrafinil helps an individual in overcoming all the above mentioned factors effectively in a shorter span of time.

The overall energy of an individual will increase as this supplement directly affects the brain. Adrafinil is also suitable for the people who suffer from fatigue and tiredness.

Dosage and Side Effects of Adrafinil

Though Adrafinil is used as a cognitive enhancer, it must be used in proper dosage in order to avoid side effects. The daily dosage that is recommended for an individual falls between 150 mg to 300 mg. You can intake Adrafinil either as a capsule or as a powder where the latter can be mixed with water and juice for intake.

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