Anavar and its weight loss traits


Anavar is popular as a cutting and dieting mild anabolic supplement among bodybuilders, gym rats, and athletes. Its mild anabolic property made the drug popular among men and women bodybuilders. Especially women experience great results with Anavar at lower doses, attain cut, lean and ripped physique. However, its mild anabolic nature makes it as a poor bulking agent. So, it has been recommended to take Anavar along with other strong anabolic androgenic supplements to attain bulky muscles. Generally, men take higher doses than women, so here the money concerns.

Being a DHT derivative, Anavar plays a vital role in anabolic activities of the body. It acts as a double purpose drug by shedding weight one end without dropping the lean muscle mass. This is what expected. Fat burning can be faster and impressive when the drug is taken along with proper diet and exercise. The obtaining muscle mass is lean, rigid with the fine look. It is important to note that Anavar reduces fat in a specific way. It helps to cut down the tissues that ultimately produce fat. 50mg dosage is effective as an initial dose in men.

How does Anavar help with weight loss?

Thyroid binding globulin concentrations are influenced by Anavar AAS. The thyroid gland produces hormones associated with human metabolism and the gland can be affected by various drugs such as Growth Hormone say Insulin-like growth factor-1, Testosterone (synthetic or natural production). Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine hormones are produced by the thyroid gland and they increase the metabolism rate in the body cells. These two vital hormones regulate energy production, the temperature in the body tissues as well as maintain typical metabolic levels, functions, and process of the body. Anavar decreases thyroid binding globulin concentrations, even so, helps to increase thyroxine binding pre-albumin. This activity enhances T3 utilization which eventually turns to increase metabolism. Here is an interesting fact to be noted that initially Anavar AAS was created to treat muscle wasting diseases among HIV/AIDS patients, severe trauma, burning muscle loss. So, there is a question whether Anavar is for muscle loss or muscle gain? Dosage and frequency matters to this question.

Stacks, doses with Anavar

Clenbuterol and the Anavar stack are popular to get rid of visceral fat. It has been the favorite choice of bodybuilders and athletes who look out for increased strength without excessive water gain. Anavar is often combined with deca-Durabolin at 200-400 mg for cutting and dieting phases. Anavar with Trenbolone, Equipoise at 200-300 mg is common combos in such phases. Be aware of the potential side effects before using this drug for weight loss. 50mg dosage is effective for men initially and they can go up to 80 mg for seeing the desired results. Women are enough with 10 mg per day to obtain a cut look. If they exceed, might be having a problem with virilization effects.

The common side effects for both sexes are headaches, acne, nausea, hair loss, changes in mood, libido, and depression. It is not necessary that everyone will face such downside effects. Some will be very sensitive to AAS who can expect these effects.


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