Be Cautious And Avoid The Most Common Dental Emergencies – Oral Health Tips


No matter how hard you try to plan things in your life, life will always throw challenges when they are least expected. Accidents can happen at any time of our lives and they may end up needing emergency dental or medical care. Although it is very easy to find a nearby emergency dentist Melbourne but who wants such visits?

Did you ever get up from your bed in the morning and predict an urgent visit to the dentist? Do you know whether or not this visit will follow dental trauma? In majority of the cases, dental emergency equates to an increased risk of tooth loss, severe toothache, and gum bleeding.

If you don’t want to be a part of this dental dilemma, what are you supposed to do? How should you safeguard and take care of your gums and teeth so as to reduce your risks? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Tip #1: Follow necessary dental hygiene

In order to maintain the health of your gum and teeth, flossing and brushing your teeth regularly is necessary. Usually, bacteria accumulate fast on food that sticks on to your teeth and this leads to decay and different other gum issues. There’s no denying the fact that any kind of infection can have a detrimental impact on your gums and teeth and this could possibly lead to an emergency dental visit. Hence, schedule your dental hygiene properly to avoid such visits.

Tip #2: Watch what you eat

You must have heard during your formative years that eating crackers, candies, starchy and sugary foods are bad for your oral health. Alcohol, soda, fruit juice, and coffee – all fall into the category of beverages and hence they should be either avoided or drunk less often. When you have more sticky food, the food can get stuck in your teeth and later on become difficult to remove. So, make sure you remove any food that needed too much of pressure on your teeth.

Tip #3: Wear mouthguards whenever required

Do you participate in sports? If yes, don’t forget to wear mouthguards. However, even if you aren’t a sportsperson, mouthguards are still beneficial to protect your teeth from heavy sudden blows, or any other form of damage. In case you wish to participate in recreational activities where there is a risk of falling down, do wear mouthguards as a precautionary step.

Tip #4: Get sealants both for children and adults

Usually, sealants are offered as preventative care for minors but even if you’re an adult, you can find sealants beneficial enough. They are transparent and are a kind of plastic covering that can be worn on the chewy part of the teeth, particularly the molars. While eating, food particles often get trapped within the grooves of your teeth and this build-up leads to bacteria. So, get yourself sealants for better protection.

Tip #5: Take the right vitamins

Did you know that taking your daily vitamin doses can help in keeping your gums and teeth healthy? Not only that, the right vitamins for your body will also prevent your teeth from decaying or sustaining any form of injury. There’s no denying that Vitamins A, B, and C are the best for diminishing the chances of periodontal diseases. Calcium and Vitamin C also stabilizes and strengthens your teeth.

So, it can be well understood that dental emergencies can have a debilitating effect on your lifestyle. They lead to long-term damage, pain and at times, invasive dental treatments. With a little bit of planning and preventive care, you can reduce the chances of an emergency dental visit.

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