Cancer and its different types


The word cancer is one of the most frightening word one can ever heard. This cancer has taken millions of life. Without doing anything. This cancer is the world’s most caused death. It ranks 3rd in the list in the list. This disease is very much widespread and it is evolving with time. The type of cancer that was present ten year ago is not the same now. The type and also the properties of those diseases changes a lot. This is one of the best thing if the cancer that it is very much dynamic in nature and also undergoing the process of evolution along with the human beings. This evolution mainly due to that the cancer is the genetic disease primarily and this disease works on the activation as well as suppression of the genes, those of which are cancer specific. It is told that cancer gene is present in every human beings body. But the presence is not that problematic that it does not causes cancer just for the basis of its presence. The disease mainly happens when something or some agents triggers the activation of those genes that makes them lethal for the body. The agents that triggers the above mentioned mechanism is called as the carcinogens. Ad in this 21st century the pollution level ha so much increased that peoples are totally exposed to these carcinogenic agent.

Cancer and its mechanism to cause death

Cancer has different types. The types are mainly based in the fact that they occur at different organs of the body as well as in the different tissue sections of the body. And with its occurrence each of the cancer has its individual name according to the site it has been engaged with or the organ it has been engaged with. Cancer is primarily genetic that we knew. The main function of the cancer is to block the cell cycle blocking agents and disrupts the normal function of the cell cycle. Thus in that way it is very much evident that the cell cycle goes on and on and on. The cells are produced in an unlimited manner, which causes the problem. This helps in the lumps formation at any site of the body and thus it causes the cancer. Cancer is also armed with another deadly property which actually makes the cancer undefeatable. The problem is the metastasis. With this cancer cells originated at one portion of the body can migrate at different region in the body and exhibit their property over there. This property means that cancer at one point, is able to cause cancer in another region also.

Ovarian cancer

Among the different types of cancer ovarian cancer has been very much common these days. This cancer is very much concised in the woman population. It is very much pathetic for a woman as is some cases the woman also loses the property of pregnancy.


Although the treatment of the ovarian cancer is relatively easier than the other types as in the first stages the cancer is very much treatable. Doctors mainly use the method of surgery to remove the ovary from the body just to make the woman live.

Cost of treatment

Ovarian cancer treatment cost in India is very much high and also requires very good experts to carry the treatment an also the surgery process. As simple process can be very fetal for the whole of the body.

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