Choose The Right Type Of C-Arm With The Help Of These Great Tips!


Before you choose anything, it is always advisable to know all the options well beforehand. In case of C-arms too, before making a final decision, you should have sufficient knowledge about its various types and concerns. So, take a look at the following information to choose just the right type of C-arm.

Some of the most modern C-arms

The first name on the list is Mini C-arms. As their name suggests, they are specifically smaller in size as compared to other ones. They are generally used for sports medicines and podiatric imaging and have an image intensifier of 4-6 inches.

They can be the best option for scanning hands, feet, knees, shoulders, etc. They can be very helpful for fixation of fractures and during external reduction.

Another type comes in the form of Compact C- Arms. They are basically larger as compared to Mini-arms. The main benefit that it comes with is the mobility.

The Full size C-arms can be used for any type of process. They are generally used for torso and spine tests, swallow tests, surgery, cardiology, and many other important studies. It is large and has open space of about 26 inches. The 6-12 inch image intensifier in it can be very helpful in cardiology.

The other famous type is the Super C C-arms. It comes with comparatively more space from middle to its outer edge. This extra space allows extra space to accommodate obese or larger patients.

Now, after taking a deep look at its important types, it is now essential to know where to get started when it comes to buying them. Confused? Well, follow the simple tips to choose the best option.


Top Suggestions To Consider While Buying C-Arm

Before you finalize your purchase, some important things must be considered well enough. For instance, make sure that you ask the seller following questions:

  • Do you provide tables?
  • Is the system certified by ACR?
  • Does the system come with a printer as well?
  • What are the specifications in the application and warranty packages?
  • Does the system have installed software?

Apart from the above questions, there are some key factors that need to be ensured well enough. Firstly, examine carefully the C-arm to ensure its proper functioning, calibration, and cosmetic reconditioning. Additionally, you must also check some extra things like brake pads, connections, cables, electronics, workstation software, keyboard, printer, etc.

Ensure that the damaged components have been properly replaced or repaired. Check out whether the system is clean externally as well as internally. Pacific Health USA takes proper care of all your concerns and offers the best products.

Moreover, you should also carefully examine start up unit according to your facility. You can also carry out some inventory to make sure that all the specified parts that are included in contract aren’t missing. In case you fail to be present onsite while the transportation of the system, you can ask the seller to forward you pictures of the entire finished system.

To conclude, do not just abruptly choose the system without sufficient knowledge and inspection. Choose carefully and smartly to buy the perfect system for you.

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