Conditions That Could Be Behind Your Knee Pain


Knee pain is a common complaint among many people of all ages. The leading causes of knee pain are mechanical problems, knee injuries, and medical conditions such as arthritis and gout. Fortunately, there are ways to relieve knee pain, including knee braces and physical therapy. This article explores the major conditions that could lead to knee pain and the benefits you could get from having your knee checked by a Bayonne knee pain specialist.

Knee Injuries

Your knee is a very complex mechanism, and when exposed to injury, the tendons or ligaments surrounding its joint could be damaged. The following are the most common knee injuries:

·       ACL Injuries

An Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury can lead to the rupturing of one of the four ligaments that help to join your shinbone to your thighbone. It is common among people who play sports that require them to make abrupt changes in direction, such as soccer or basketball.

·       Knee Bursitis

Some knee injuries may cause inflammation to the small sacs of fluid that cushion the exterior of your knee joint, preventing your ligaments and tendons from gliding smoothly over the joint.

·       Knee Fractures

If you fall victim to auto accidents or falls, your knee or any other bone of your knee can be damaged, leading to knee pain. Medical conditions like osteoporosis can also increase your risk of suffering a knee injury and subsequent pain.

·       Torn Menisci

The meniscus is a strong, rubbery cartilage located between your shinbone and thigh bone that serves as a shock absorber. It can be severely ruptured if you suddenly twist your knee or exert excess pressure on it, leading to debilitating pain.


There are more than a hundred types of arthritis but, the following are the most common types that could damage your knee:

  •     Osteoarthritis – Also called degenerative arthritis. It is the most common type of arthritis that results from the continuous wear and tear of your knee cartilage with age.
  •     Rheumatoid arthritis – This the most debilitating type of arthritis that typically affects any joint in your body.

Gout is another condition that could result in knee pain. It mainly results from excessive buildup of uric acid crystals in your knee joint, leading to joint damage.

Mechanical Problems

The following are common mechanical problems that could cause you to experience knee pain:

  • Lower body pain – If you experience hip or foot pain, you are likely to change your walking style to help ease the pain. Doing this could build more stress on your knee joint and result in severe knee pain.
  • Dislocated cap – If you injure your knee, your kneecap could be dislocated if the triangular-like bone that covers your patella falls out to the outside of your knee.
  • Loose bone – Sometimes, knee injury could cause a piece of your cartilage or bone to fall off and float in your joint space, causing you knee pain.

Other Issues

Another problem that could result in the damage of your knee is patellofemoral pain syndrome. It mainly causes pain between the kneecap and the thigh bone.

Final Thoughts

If you, unfortunately, experience knee pains, you should consult with a specialist in orthopedics and sports medicine like James M. Lee, Jr, MD. With his wealth of experience and advanced diagnostic knee injury techniques, he will thoroughly examine the cause of your knee pain and find an effective way to relieve your pains. Contact his offices in Orange and Bayonne, New Jersey, to book an appointment.

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