Facts that Depression Therapists Want You to Know


Depression is more than just feeling miserable. Human nature drives everyone to feel low time and again. However, in case of depression, the feeling of blue becomes the feeling of helpless agony. It is a mood disorder. To be frank it is a serious mood disorder which someone can suffer from. The symptoms of depression can and do affect feeling, thought and lifestyle. With time, if the disorder is not treated properly, it grows and people withdraw into their shells. This is sad, but, this is the truth for numerous people across the world. Therapists like Dr. Curtis Cripe say that the problem begins with people’s ignorance. They refuse treatment thinking the feeling will go away by its own. Tragically, the feeling does not go away. It remains and creates a lot of problems in the future.

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This mood disorder has many faces. For some it may last for a couple of days and then it vanishes. However, the feeling always comes back, if not treated with proper care. Sometimes the feeling just does not go away. It lasts for a long time. In some cases, it has been noticed that people with depression suffer from the feeling for a couple of years. This is called persistent depression.

Women sometimes experience depression during and after pregnancy. They go through serious bout of feeling of blues and the feeling lasts for a long time. The feeling is a fusion of sadness, anxiety and tiredness. Such feeling makes the life difficult for new mothers and the others around.

Dr. Curtis Cripe says that these depression types are not always dangerous. But, psychotic depression is a dangerous thing. In such a case, the feeling of sadness or blues come with some strange belief or fixed feeling. People suffering from such depression claim to see things or hear voices. This type of feeling is always associated by some type of theme. 

Identify Depression

Identifying depression when there is still time, meaning at the early stage can help a lot. It can save you from the pain which usually associates depression. if you want to reduce it from the root, you need to get help from experts who have experience in treating such emotional disorders.

So, how would you identify depression?

Feeling down for a couple of days is not depression. You might just be going through a period of low which would vanish with time. However, sometimes the feeling of sadness and feeling down does not go away. It lingers like dull ache down the heart. Each breath becomes a laborious task when such feeling sets in. If you identify with the feeling, you must seek help without delay.

Depression, Curtis Cripe warns can make you feel helpless. Associated with this helplessness is the feeling of emptiness. People usually lose their self-worth when depressed. This feeling often leads to suicidal tendency. To avoid such extreme action, everyone is encouraged to talk to a therapist. Experts who have experience of treating depression can help you cope with the period of helpless agony. Don’t deny help when it is available.

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