Foot Calluses – Understanding Various Reasons and Signs to Know Them


A callus on the foot is a common condition that many individuals get. The main cause of getting this is the continuous pressure and friction on a part of the foot. Due to the extreme pressure, the skin cells start to die and build a shielding surface. Because of this surface, the cells and tissues under this layer remain safe and damage-free. It should also be worth noting that calluses and corns are different and should not be referred to as the same condition. You should immediately get the treatment for calluses in Bakersfield after you notice them.

Occurrence of calluses

Many people may not know that this condition can occur at any part of the body such as hands, feet, elbows, and knees. However, it is important to discuss feet calluses here because they are commonly found in this part. On the foot, they can appear on the big toe and sole because the pressure is more on these areas. The dead skin starts to form because of the weight of the body. They can even be seen under the bones of toes because of the extreme pressure. Mostly, they are dead and painless lumps on the foot.

The study also reveals a vital fact about these calluses; that they can also occur due to wearing tight shoes for a long time. High heels and tight shoes squeeze the toes and put pressure on the feet. Due to this, the feet may not be able to relax and get enough space. The intense friction in the shoes gives rise to the formation of dead skin in various parts of the foot.

Other reasons 

In many cases, a person who walks and runs with bare feet can develop these calluses. The direct pressure from the ground and person can hurt the skin of the feet. It results in the formation of dead skin all over the feet.

Detecting calluses

If you experience hardening on the skin that is not receptive to touch as compared to normal skin, you may consider it as calluses. It may look grayish or dark yellow and painless. However, the area may be swollen and rough, giving an ugly look to your feet. Sometimes, your feet may hurt when you walk while wearing tight shoes.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with this condition on your feet, you should get in touch with a doctor who can closely monitor the condition and suggest the best remedy.

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