Fulfill Your Cosmetic Dental Needs With Professional Gum Contouring Specialist in California


It is not always your teeth that are preventing you from having your greatest, most attractive smile; it might be your gums. An irregular gum line, gums, which stretch too far down your teeth, or gums that are too prominent could all obstruct your most beautiful smile. For this reason, Joseph Kabaklian, DMD, and his Enamel, General & Cosmetic Dentistry staff provide safe and effective gum contouring in Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Irvine, and Costa Mesa, CA. To find out more, arrange an appointment online or through mobile today.

What Exactly Is Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring is an invasive operation that will provide you with a lovely, symmetrical smile. Whenever the gum heights of your teeth are uneven, too low, or too high, it could make your smile appear disproportionate. The staff at Enamel, General & Cosmetic Dentistry uses the gum contouring procedure to guarantee you get a balanced gum line at the right height to assist your teeth to appear their finest.

Together with your gum contouring operation, they also provide dental bonding and veneers, when required, to correct uneven, broken, gapped, or stained teeth. In a nutshell, they are committed to revealing your most wonderful smile.

What Is the Procedure for Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring is a surgical operation that reshapes your gum tissue. Your gum contouring treatment is customized to meet the demands of your smile. For instance, if your gums stretch too far below your teeth, a gum specialist from Enamel, General & Cosmetic Dentistry cuts the excess tissue. If your gum line does not reach deep enough below your tooth, gum tissue (typically grafted from the roof of your mouth) might be inserted to support the base of your tooth adequately.

Gum contouring might be entirely aesthetic in some situations. However, suppose your gums are too high due to a periodontal issue or gum recession. In that case, they might reveal the base of your tooth, rendering you vulnerable to tooth decay and potentially tooth loss if it remains unaddressed. Gum contouring not only improves the look of your smile in these circumstances but also preserves your teeth.

What Should You Experience Before, Throughout, and Following Gum Contouring?

Your gum contouring procedure at Enamel, General & Cosmetic Dentistry is conducted with your convenience in mind. Their committed team employs a local anesthetic to completely numb the operation site, allowing you to rest easily throughout the treatment. Resolve to unwind and let your mouth recuperate by taking the rest of the day off and going home following your gum contouring.

The Enamel, General & Cosmetic Dentistry staff will send you home with detailed care tips, such as how to wash your teeth as your gums recover. Based on the form of gum contouring, this could take anywhere between several days to several weeks.

Any discomfort could be managed with over-the-counter pain medications. Opt for cool and soft foods and avoid spicy foods and anything else with seeds till your gums recover.

If you seek a dependable, caring, and pleasant dentist to meet your cosmetic and general dental requirements, contact Dr. Kabaklian and the team at Enamel, General and Cosmetic Dentistry. Get started by calling the office or requesting a consultation online today.

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