Get In Touch with an Expert Nephrologist for all Kidney Related Problems


Sudden breakdown of kidneys and its inability in filtering waste products from blood is referred to as acute kidney failure. Naturally, this losing power of one’s kidneys dangerously starts accumulating the level of wastes in a human body and spoils the normal balance of blood. And, under this position, you’ve no other option left but to undergo a procedure called dialyses. Living in Mesa, Arizona, if someone of your family comes across such a dreading problem, without any delay, schedule an emergency appointment of Dr. Manuel Abrante, a distinguished Nephrologist here. Dr. Manuel is a specialist in Nephrology other than Internal Medicine and Critical Care Medicine.

Needless to say, among top demanding and able nephrologists working in Mesa, Dr. Manuel Abrante, takes a significant place. As a top rating doctor, he is especially acknowledged by the CHECKBOOK, a special drive and survey program made by the nonprofit organization, in recent times. The doctor is majorly associated with the kidney research and diagnostic center the Southwest Kidney Institute, which is one the famed exclusive kidney clinics in the United Sates. Southwest is located at Warner Road, Tempe, AZ 85284. Those who are residing far from Arizona and like to have the valued consultancy of this doctor and interested to send your existing reports can also make use his fax number subsequent to a preliminary discussion over phone.


Dr. Manuel Abrante has affiliation with numerous elite standard healthcare facilities and clinics scattered throughout Arizona and Phoenix. Out of the specialized physicians in the major care units Banner Desert Medical Center and Banner Bay Wood Medical Center, Dr Manual is in top demand. In different research and studies today this is an established fact that chronic hypertension, persisting blood pressure or blood sugar level is a great symptom of kidney related problems. If the things remain untreated or not properly investigated, this may lead to renal failure. This is often called as chronic renal failure. Conversely acute renal failure may happen all of a sudden. When it comes to severity factor, both are fatal and require medical   support of Hemodialysis procedure. Dr. Manuel Abrante offers his specialized services on this crucial medical process and undertakes each procedure with high level care.

Being a long experienced and learned Nephrologist, complications like Kidney Stones, Mineral like Magnesium, Phosphorus Metabolism Disorders, Renal Artery Arteriosclerotic disease, Kidney Hyperparathyroidism, Evaluation and treatment of Vitamin D deficiency or Hypertensive Heart can be well assessed, tested and treated by this proficient doctor of Mesa. Dr. Manuel Abrante graduated from University of Anahuac (Esc-De-Med) Mexico in 84 and after that he completed his Internal Medicine course as well as Residency Session with specialization in Internal and Critical care medicine from Raritan Bay Medical Center and College. He got his Fellowship degree in the specialty of Nephrology in the year 1993 from Albany Medical Center. Dr. Abrante is a certified member of American Board of Internal Medicine and accepts a number of Medical Insurances.

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