Health Benefits an Air Purifier That Will Make You Think Twice


An air purifier is used to clean the air. It can be understood as a device, which can remove the contaminants from air. In the present scenario, air pollution is increasing in nearly every part of the world and this is the reason MyHealthyAir is gaining popularity. These devices are marketed widely and people are purchasing because of several benefits. They recommend using air filters especially to those who are suffering from allergies or asthma. If you want to eliminate the chances of passive smoking, then you can reduce secondhand smoke of cigarettes by using these purifiers.

Air purifiers are of different sizes and shapes; you can combine them with their handlers as well as standalone. Different industries are using air purifiers to remove the impurities from the air.

Benefits of using air purifiers

People who use MyHealthyAir will rule out the possibility of coming in contact with allergens, mold, spores or dust. These things are responsible for causing allergies and they may create problem to those who are sensitive or allergic to it. Volatile organic compounds and smoke particles in the air are harmful for humans. Regular exposure of these harmful components may be responsible for the disease. In this situation, an air purifier will remove all these harmful elements from the air, which you are breathing in your home. This will reduce the chances of diseases significantly.

Techniques used

There are active and passive technologies used to purify the air. In the active technology,ionization cleans the air,whereasin the passive, it will throw out the pollutants. This is effective because it will remove the dust particles from the air.

Thermodynamic crystallization

In this technology, heat crystallization is used. By this process, you can remove all the unwanted elements from the air.

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation

This process sterilizes the air. The airis moved with the help of a fan to pass through the UV lamps. You can use other systems also to move microorganisms pass through the UV light.

Filter-based purification

In this kind of purification process, airborne particles are trapped and then removed. Air is passed through the filters and harmful airborne particles are captured there.

High efficiency particulate understands

This is the most efficient method in which 99% of the harmful elements are removed. These filters are installed so that no air can enter your room without going through this device.

If you check the rating ofair purifiers, then it is imperative to know that the rating is based on several factors.

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