Here Is Why You Need Not Fear Going to the Dentist


Dentist appointments can be dreadful. However, you should not let your fears derail you from making your smile the best it can be. Thanks to modern innovations, you can have a calm and peaceful dental treatment. If you seek Emerson sedation dentistry services, turn to the providers at Emerson Dental Arts for practical solutions. Under Dr. Katz, the team regularly performs professional sleep dentistry and other treatments to help you realize optimal oral health.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

When you visit Emerson Dental Arts, Dr. Katz, and his team use medications to make you feel calm during dental procedures such as tooth extractions and dental cleanings. Although you will not actually be asleep, this treatment is also known as “sleep dentistry”. Sedation dentistry works by taking the edge off your anxiety, making you drowsy, and reducing your sensitivity to make you relax during treatment.

If you experience severe anxiety, Dr. Katz introduces a certified anesthesiologist to put you under general anesthesia. The implication is that you will feel sleepy during your entire dental procedure. You will therefore feel nothing and experience no distress. This medical option is always available to clients, and Dr. Katz takes pride in providing it.

Am I Eligible for Sedation Dentistry?

Men and women who feel nervous when visiting a dentist are beneficiaries of sleep dentistry. If you would rather suffer tooth pain or elude regular, essential cleanings. Sedation dentistry at Emerson Dental Arts can help you keep your oral health in check.

Sedation dentistry also comes in when you have a low pain threshold or feel uncomfortable sitting still during dental appointments. Furthermore, individuals with sensitive teeth or a severe gag reflex can also benefit from sedation.

Dr. Katz further recommends that you undergo sedation dentistry if you have substantial dental work to be undertaken in a single visit. If your kid is nervous about dental visits, they may benefit from sedation dentistry by nitrous oxide. For most children, this treatment is completely safe.

What Is SedationWith Nitrous Oxide?

Dr. Katz majorly uses nitrous oxide for sedation. With this option, you are under inhaled, with minimal sedation. Your providers place a mask over your nose as you breathe in the nitrous oxide to help you relax. Dr. Katz regulates the amount of gas you receive. In most instances, the effects fade away rapidly, such that you can usually drive home solo after treatment.

Available Sedation Medications

Dr. Katz might recommend you take anti-anxiety medications before your dental appointment. He prescribes an oral drug, like Xanax®, to be taken about an hour before your procedure. This medication makes you feel drowsy, making you calmer as the team conducts dental work.

Suppose you have found your visits overwhelming even with nitrous oxide sedation, mild sedatives, or other anti-anxiety drugs in the past. In that case, you can ask your provider about undertaking general anesthesia for your procedure. He is more than willing to respond to your needs.

Bottom Line

Emerson Dental Arts are the leading providers of sedation dentistry services in NJ and surrounding areas. Book your appointment online or via phone to realize a gorgeous smile you can be proud of today.

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