Highly-Respected, Board-Qualified Podiatrist & Foot and Ankle Surgeon in Colorado


Foot & Ankle Institute of Colorado delivers exceptional foot and ankle diagnosis and care to women, men, and families all across Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jordan Cameron, DPM, and his fellow board-certified surgeons lead the staff at the practice, bringing over 20 years of combined expertise. Every physician is gentle and sympathetic, and they all handle their patients with incredible kindness and concern. Arrange an initial consultation with Dr. Jordan D. Cameron through mobile or request an appointment online to determine how you can benefit from his care.

Meet Dr. Cameron

Jordan Cameron, DPM, a board-certified podiatrist & foot and ankle surgeon, offers over a decade’s work in the diagnosis and care of foot and ankle disorders to the Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado.

Dr. Cameron grew up in Mesa, AZ, and studied and graduated from Red Mountain High School. Dr. Cameron participated in lacrosse and football as a student. He tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his senior year, and while the injury held him out of the game, it sparked his intuition in medicine.

Dr. Cameron proceeded with a two-year service mission to Venezuela after high school, where he became fluent in Spanish. After returning to the United States, he attended Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. Dr. Cameron later relocated to Miami and studied in the School of Podiatric Medicine at Barry University. He thrived in the curriculum and graduated with a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.

Following graduation, Dr. Cameron conducted a surgical residency at Florida Hospital East Orlando. He obtained considerable knowledge and training in reconstructive arthroscopy, foot and ankle surgery, sports medicine, as well as foot and ankle trauma throughout this period. He also received training in the use of fusion surgery and implants to address final-stage arthritis.

Dr. Cameron of the Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado enjoys relieving his patients’ discomfort and enabling them to engage in their favorite pastimes. He provides several secure and efficient therapies, which reduce swelling, increase motion range, and promotes healthier living.

When not practicing at the office, Dr. Cameron loves spending quality time with his two kids. He enjoys snowboarding, skiing, golfing, boating, wakeboarding, and watching his son compete in sports.

What Are the Available Service Options?

Dr. Cameron treats patients of all ages, ranging from newborns and teenagers to seniors and middle-aged adults. Besides, he has a special interest in assisting athletes who have suffered sports-related injuries and those who require surgery.

Under Dr. Cameron’s care, patients can benefit from expert care for the following conditions:

§  Foot discomfort

§  Ankle sprains

§  Hammertoe

§  Flat feet

§  Tendonitis

§  Fractures

§  Ingrown toenails

§  Bunions

§  Plantar fasciitis

§  Heel spurs

In addition, he provides personalized regenerative medicine and orthotics.

To obtain the best, most complete foot and ankle care, partner with Dr. Cameron of the Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado. Get started today by calling the office or use the online scheduling tool to request an appointment. 

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