How to beautify your smile? 5 steps


Smile can conquer the world better than wars and without causalities. In addition, it is curve that can straight out many things. The beauty of your smile depends upon the shape of your teeth. If your teeth have not grown well and if they do not complement your smile, then you need not to worry at all, since invisaligh in Bradford can help you there.

Following are the steps that will lead to a beautiful heart winning smile.

Step 1: consultation

The first step in this process is to go for a consultation that is absolutely free. Get an appointment of dentist from invisaligh in Bradford and he will analyze your conditions, listen to your queries and answer them accordingly. Once you get done with this, you are ready to go for step 2. But before this, remember that this consultation session is absolutely free.

Step 2: diagnosis and previous record analysis

In second step, you will go to the lab where x-ray of your teeth is conducted. The pictures and sample type of your teeth would be analyzed. This is done with the help of latest technology at invisaligh in Bradford, which not only take the image of your teeth, but also 3D image.

Step 3: checking with specialist and finalizing the treatment schedule

All this record is then sent to a specialist. That specialist first analyzes those reports, then calls you and has a detail checkup of your internal and external structure of teeth. After that, the specialist would devise a treatment methodology and a plan according to the samples sent by laboratory. During this whole session, the expert would show you how the things will move on and how over the course of time, your teeth would get aligned.

Step 4: get your aligner fitted

Then comes the most important of all steps i.e. aligner fitting. First of all specialist himself/ herself would fix the aligners on your teeth and then teach you how to fix and unfix them yourself. Over the course of time at invisaligh in Bradford you will have multiple appointments, in which you would get different aligners according to the progress made by your teeth structure. The aligners you will be given would remain on your teeth for almost 24 hours. However, you may remove them while eating and brushing.

Step 5: appointments to review the progress

In the plan that you were given, there would be scheduled reviewing appointments. In these appointments, you would go to the specialist in order to ascertain the progress made by those aligners at your teeth structure. In this procedure, you would wear retainers as well so that your teeth remain in their position after getting aligned.

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