How to Set a Weight Loss Goal That Will Work


We are always setting weight loss goals but are they real goals? The infamous New Years Day goal of weight loss always seems to fall by the wayside. Why? What is a goal? If you say that you want to weight loss goal charts that  is not a goal. That projection is merely a dream. It is not something that you can wrap your mind around and get excited about. One of the elements of a goal is that it is measurable. ou can’t lose 50 pounds in one month no matter how hard you try. You need to take into account your lifestyle, how much exercise you want and are able to do and your eating habits. it down and put it somewhere where you can see it often. Physical, visible reminders of our intentions are important.

In order to be effective, goals must be specific and measurable. You say on New Years Day, I want to lose weight! Your brain shrugs. So what, you are always saying you want to lose weight is the inner dialogue of the brain. Now you say I want to lose 50 pounds and now your brain gets excited because this is specific and measurable. Your brain starts going through all the ways you can accomplish this and charts a course. There is excitement to this. You always end up doing second best when it is someone else’s idea. Now, people can encourage you and that is wonderful but your goals have to be your own. Your goal must be in writing. I know that you will keep it in your head because it is so important to you but you must write.

Now, in order for it to be a goal, it needs to be your goal, not your husband’s goal for you, your wife’s goal for you or your great aunt Sally’s goal for you. No matter how much you try to stick to your plan, (or their plan for you) your brain is going to fight it. Goals need to have a time limit, and that means a reasonable time limit. It’s not magic but it’s magical the way it works, by stating our intentions and by putting up reminders we are telling ourselves and everyone else that we intend to achieve that intention. You attract what you focus on and writing our intention down is a focusing tool

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