How to the most of your time on the elliptical machine


Have you been walking past the elliptical exercise machinein the gym thinking that it’s probably one machine you might never use? Guess what, irrespective of how boring or dull it might seem an elliptical exercise machine is packed with benefits such as elevating the heart rate, improving overall fitness etc. but only if you use it the right way and with these 5 tips covered below each stride and minute on the elliptical trainer will be worth the effort.

elliptical trainer

Step on with a plan

Irrespective of the kind of workout you are into we are all quite familiar with the role good planning plays so before you hop onto your elliptical trainer ensure you’ve mapped out one for this one too. Not having a plan is common beginner mistake and one to be avoided.

Mindlessly working out on the trainer will lead to an ineffective and in efficient workout. Start off with a comfortable level and take it up a notch from there.

Avoid slouching

While most of the work on an elliptical machine is done by the legs there is a strong tendency especially among newbies to grab onto the handlebars and lean forward during each stride. Yes the workout feels simpler but that’s not doing anyone a favour.

Aim to stand upright and keep your core stiff. Slouching or hunching over often results in a poor workout; fools the trainer into giving inaccurate details about calorie burning etc. and can further lead to lower back aches.

Use the handlebars right

Holding onto the handlebars or working out with them are two very different options. On an elliptical trainer the force is distributed between the lower and upper body and moving the handlebars correctly while maintaining the right posture is the ideal way to get a complete body workout. Move your hands at a 90 degree angle as you’d while running while keeping the shoulder pulled back.

For a more effective core workout ignore the handlebars as it activates and engages the core even more.

Keep it fresh

Repeating your workout is effective for the first couple of weeks but sooner or later you’ll hit a plateau. To avoid this stagnation you need to take it up a notch and get creative for which I would suggest you switch to interval workouts.

This will also prevent the regular boredom and laziness from creeping in. Start at a steady pace and then add resistance every 2-3 minutes. For variation you can also change the stride rate or elevation. Adding a few bodyweight or Concept 2 Rowers exercises to the routine helps too.

Focus on the workout

How many times have you hit the pause button or taken it down a notch to check your WhatsApp or Facebook update? Well it’s time to keep outthe distractions whether it’ a simple magazine, your mobile or the TV and get moving correctly. Only intense focus on each stride, movement etc. can help you make the most of your time on the machine.

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