Learn everything about hip replacement surgery

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Many individuals in India get hip replacement surgery every year. This surgery is basically done for patients who are suffering from severe pain in the back due to some kind of injury or because of diseases like arthritis. This pain is usually rigorous that does not allow an individual to do normal daily tasks. Sometimes the pain is so chronic that it can keep you awake at night. In such situations, undergoing a hip replacement surgery is the best option for such people.

What is hip replacement surgery?

Also known as hip arthroplasty, is a common medical procedure yet critical. A hip joint is located at the end of thigh bone, also known as femur to meet the hip bone. The femoral head (a ball at the end of the femur) is fit in a socket in the pelvis that allows great deal of motion in the body.

During the hip replacement surgery, the orthopaedic surgeon would make an incision on the side of the hip and removed the diseased bone and cartilage from the hip joint. This is then replaced with artificial implants. The motive behind the operation is to improve the mobility and ability for a person to perform daily chores.

Cost of a hip replacement surgery in India is quite affordable compared to western countries. Not only the surgery cost but medical tests and recovery is much cheaper.

Alternatives of hip replacement surgery

None of the doctors would prescribe this surgery unless they have tried non-surgical methods like exercise, medications or physiotherapy sessions. If the patient is not relieved with pain with these methods then they might perform a small corrective surgery, also known as osteotomy. However, it totally depends on the extent of damage of the bone. If the doctors find it beyond repair, then they would perform the surgery.

Prepare for the surgery

It is very important to prepare yourself mentally and physically before the surgery. If everything goes as per the plan, then the recovery is much faster than expected.

  • Make sure that you have had an open communication with the doctor about the risks and complications of the surgery.
  • Arrange someone to help you with your household work for atleast two to three weeks post the surgery.
  • If you have a multi-storied house, then plan your recovery station on the ground floor with all the necessary requirements at the disposal of your hand
  • Follow doctors instructions about the diet and medications that are required before the surgery.

After the surgery, you would be allowed a very limited movement. The therapist would teach you few exercises that would help you in recovering fast. You would also have to go through respiratory therapy to check the lung capacity.

Post one or two days after the surgery, you might be able to stand and walk few steps with a help of an assistant. Don’t worry! Hearing it might sound terrifying but if everything is followed correctly then you would be able to perform your daily jobs without any hurdles in no time. Just check for the best cost of a hip replacement surgery in different hospitals to get it done in budget.

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