Planning For Essure Tubal Implants Removal? Here’s What You Need To Know


Back in the year 2002, a transcervical permanent birth control procedure called Essure tubal implants gained dominance in reproductive health. The method involves introducing an Essure into the fallopian tube, blocking after tissue growth around it. However, due to some side effects, you may opt. for the removal of the transplant in the long run. You may wonder whether it’s even possible to get it removed. Fortunately, there are competent Essure tubal implants removal experts who you can approach. Book an appointment with Miami Essure tubal implants removal specialists.

What Is Essure?

Essure is a birth control device that comes as a permanent implant into a woman’s reproductive system. The method to insert it usually is non-surgical as the doctor passes it to the uterus through the cervix and guides it into the fallopian tubes. After three months, there will be tissue growth around the Essure which results in the blockage of the tubes. It means that the sperms cannot find their way to the ovum.

The FDA has been at the center of the usage of the permanent birth control method. Generally, postmarket safety monitoring was also heavily invested in seeing people’s level of contentment since the implant. However, it’s not common to find Essure being on the list of family planning methods.

Benefits of Essure Tubal Implant Removal

Despite Essure providing a permanent birth control method, it brings specific side effects. Removing the implants can significantly help eliminate all the risks that come with the birth control technique. One, you save yourself from pelvic and back pain often associated with the device.

Secondly, there are cases where women experience bleeding due to the perforation of the uterus in the long run. A pelvic exam always shows your uterus and other reproductive parts; hence your doctor can tell you about the extent of the damages if any. Through their expertise, you can therefore undergo surgery to seal the holes.

When Should I Go for the Removal?

Many ask whether there is an appropriate time to get the implant removed. What determines when is the effect which you are experiencing. Generally, if the presence of the birth control device in the fallopian tube is causing a myriad of symptoms such as weight loss, fatigue, hair loss, headache, and mood changes, life can seem dull. Therefore, since there is an option of removing the implant, finding a reliable gynecologist should be your aim. You have the freedom to get the removal service any time you wish.

Methods of Essure Removal

Three main methods can help you in getting the implant successfully removed. These are open laparotomy, hysteroscopic removal, and laparoscopic extraction. All of them are effective, especially when the medic behind the procedure is well-trained. Consider looking for well-exposed specialists as they will do a thorough job.

Essure is a permanent family planning device that prevents fertilization by blocking the fallopian tube. After some time, you could consider getting the implant removed. It may arise from the side effects you are experiencing. Luckily, some gynecologists can offer you the proper assistance. There are effective methods to make the removal possible and what matters is the perfection of the specialist.

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