Pros and Cons of Zirconia Dental Implants


You may find it hard to show off your smile if your teeth are not in the best condition. There are several options you have available to improve your teeth. Which one is best for you will depend on several factors, and you will need to talk about the various options with your dentist. Treatment could be as simple as tooth-whitening, or it could be as complex as needing zirconia implants. Your dentist may have recommended zirconia implants, so you may wonder about the pros and cons.

Dental Implants


Zirconia is made from the element zirconium. It is very lightweight, but also very strong. A zirconia implant should last you a lifetime. Since it is not metallic, it eliminates any problems, such as allergic reactions to metal, that more traditional products like titanium implants could cause. Also, being non-metallic, there is no risk of corrosion. Another benefit of using zirconia is that the color is slightly gray, unlike the silver color of titanium, so it is aesthetically more pleasing.


One of the biggest cons is the price of the treatment. Implants are very expensive, and you may also have to pay for other treatment before the units can be implanted. People with low bone density may have to have bone grafts, and that will add considerably to the total cost of getting implants done.

Even if you have dental insurance, you are still going to come up with most of the money for implants. You will need to check your policy, but most insurers will not pay for full Zirconia implants and any associated treatment. You will most likely find that the maximum yearly benefit you can get from your insurer is not more than $1500.

All dental surgery causes some health risks. These may be elevated during implant surgery because the implants have to be inserted into bone tissue. While the incidence of complications is low, you should be aware that there are risks. You can suffer nerve damage, develop infections, and you could even end up with a broken jaw. Your dentist cannot forecast how long it will take you bone tissue to heal. If the process is slow, that can be very uncomfortable.

Most people will have little cause to worry about having zirconia implants fitted. The key factor in opting for these implants is likely to be the price, rather than any concerns about health risks.

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