Quality Equipment to Keep Your Workplace Safe


When your job and your business require you to work with hazardous chemicals, it’s essential to have access to adequate water to prevent serious injury. Everyone who works with these materials knows that they can be handled safely and injury can be avoided if all individuals follow the correct safety guidelines. But there are times when even the safest environment and personal attention to detail can’t prevent an accident.

If a chemical gets into your eyes or if you get a corrosive substance on your face or anywhere else on your body, it’s crucial to begin washing the affected area in the first few seconds. Delaying longer than 15 to 20 seconds can lead to serious injury and even permanent disability. To prevent this from happening, every workspace in which chemicals are used should be equipped with emergency showers and eye wash stations for people working with chemicals.


If these items are in place and are well-maintained, it’s possible to eliminate long-term serious injury by providing decontamination immediately and flushing away hazardous substances before they have time to cause more serious problems. Fortunately, these essential items are available from specialty suppliers who maintain an inventory of safety showers, combination decontamination shower/eye wash stations, single-unit showers, and stand-alone eye wash equipment.

You can also obtain quality portable stations for eye washing as well as hoses that are just right for use in your laboratory. When you work with these specialty professionals, you have access to test kits for your safety showers as well as checklist programs for shower maintenance on a weekly basis and an annual basis. Because they bring extensive expertise to the field, you can be sure these checklist programs keep your safety program within the guidelines of New Zealand law.

As a leading supplier of workplace apparel and safety and protective equipment, this well-known firm is available to service companies of all sizes with safety packages and programs to fit the budget. Products from well-known safety brands are delivered in combination with outstanding customer service and strong support after the sale.

Efficient Delivery

Because of their standing in this special segment of the economy, they can deliver efficiently on a national scale with direct shipping through a network of suppliers. Many deliveries can be made overnight with others shipped in two or three days or less. To learn more about the services and products offered, you’re invited to visit the website whether you are a member of the public, in the service trade, or want to work with them as a B2B client.

With strong working relationships in a network of suppliers and manufacturers, these top providers bring experience to the industry on a global scale. Products meet or exceed AS/NZS Australian and New Zealand standards and both European and international standards where they apply. If you need expert help with your chemical safety programs, call today to talk with a knowledgeable representative.

You’ll find that these professionals are as passionate about safety as you are and they’re prepared to deliver the finest products to give you the worry-free environment you need.


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