Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing An Addiction Rehab Centre


Searching for the right addiction rehab Centre for you or a loved one is difficult because there are many factors that can determine the choice that you eventually make. You not only need to consider the quality of services and the facilities offered by the Centre, but you also need to keep the personal temperament of the patient in mind as well. After all, you could have chosen what appears to be the greatest addiction rehab Centre in the world, but if the patient doesn’t like the staff you may find it is very difficult to keep them in care. With that in mind, here are a few questions that you should always ask when visiting a Centre for the first time.

Addiction recovery

What Results Do You Expect?

The very first thing that people should ask about is the intended outcome of the treatment program. While websites like will offer some information in this respect, it always helps to ask this on a personal basis. You are looking for a Centre that will treat the patient as an individual, rather than rattling off marketing spiel that is simply designed to get more people in the door. Ask about specific issues relating to the patient and how they will affect the outcomes, both in terms of delivery and the time required to reach them.

Does The Treatment Rely On Other Drugs?

You should be aware of what you want from a treatment program before selecting it. Many people do not want to enter a program if it makes use of other forms of drugs that simply replace their existing addiction with something else. After all, addiction rehab should focus on helping the patient with their predilection for addiction more so than anything else. As such, you should ask the Centre if they make use of any drugs in their treatment plans, in addition to asking why they are required.

Is There A Nutritional Component?

Addiction can play havoc on the body’s health in many ways. Many people become malnourished in the sense that they don’t receive the nutrition that they require when they are abusing drugs or alcohol, so it is always goof with an addiction rehab Centre includes a nutritional component in their treatment plan. Not only will this ensure that the patient is getting all of the right types of food into their body while they are at the facility, but it can equip them with the tools to make the right nutritional choices when they leave, thus ensuring that they stay healthy.

Do They Offer an ‘Instant Cure’?

It is important to remember that dealing with addiction is always an ongoing process, rather than something that can simply be fixed overnight. As such, you should be wary of an addiction rehab Centre that claims that the patient will leave completely cured. In truth, addiction is much more complex than a simple medical issue that can be diagnosed and then treated. The Centre you choose should make allowances for this and help you to understand how their treatment places work in terms of the psychological as well as the physical aspects of addiction.

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