Reasons Why You Might Consider Getting Dental Crowns


Dental crowns continue to rise in popularity as many Americans settle for them to swap missing teeth. Are you considering this innovative treatment? You should partner with a skillful provider for the best possible results. The Woodlands dental crowns specialists of Scott Young, DDS are masters of cosmetic along with reconstructive dentistry. Contact their offices today to have your dental concerns met with a compassionate industry leader.

What do you understand by a crown?

It covers your damaged tooth. Its shape resembles a natural tooth under it and may provide strength to the tooth, restoring its appearance. To ensure the tooth is covered from the gum line up, the crown would cover your original tooth where it is bonded in place.

Why should I consider a crown?

Teh Scott Young, DDS specialists might recommend a crown for multiple reasons. A crown covers a misshapen or dark tooth or even your dental implant.

Your crown goes beyond improving your tooth’s appearance. Additionally, it protects and holds the weaker tooth. If your teeth are impacted due to a decay or huge fillings, they risk breaking unless a crown strengthens it.

Most candidates could make the most of dental crowns, be it for restorative or cosmetic reasons. If you seek a crown for rectifying the overall appearance of your tooth or provide strength to your weak tooth, rest assured that dental crown could provide lasting relief for years.

Benefits offered by All-Ceramic Crowns

You need numerous materials to manufacture crowns. However, your Scott Young, DDS specialists solely use high quality ceramic crowns. Porcelain (all-ceramic) dental crowns provide superior aesthetics since they resemble natural teeth, while porcelain imitates natural enamel’s translucency. These customized crowns match the natural teeth such that nobody can differentiate the crowns from the other teeth.

Rest assured that porcelain crowns appear similar to natural teeth, while all-ceramic crowns have not been more abrasive when compared to a dental enamel. Hence, the chances of them rubbing against the adjacent teeth would be relatively lower whereby protecting your natural enamel.

How should I prepare to get a dental crown?

In most cases, at least two visits is enough for undergoing a dental crown process. Your Scott Young, DDS provider takes an X-ray to assess the tooth’s condition. 

The next step requires Dr. Young to administer anesthesia before building or filing the original tooth to let the crown attach securely. Afterward, an impression of your teeth is taken by the doctor and sent to the LVI lab for your custom crown to be made. In the meantime, a temporary crown is placed over the tooth by Dr. Young until your permanent one is completed.

Other Services

Besides crowns, you can turn to the experts at Scott Young, DDS for various other quality treatments such as:

  •       Oral Surgery
  •       Periodontist
  •       General Dentistry
  •       Sedation Dentistry
  •       Gingivitis
  •       Teeth Whitening
  •       Sleep Apnea

Do you desire having a crown? Would you like to explore your dental needs with a trailblazer in the reconstructive dentistry arena? Contact the Scott Young, DDS adroit team. Call today or book your appointment online for a superior treatment experience.


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