Shopping list for your third trimester


Finally you have touched the third trimester. Your excitement levels would have taped off a wee bit. You might still be browsing and thinking what you still need.  A pregnancy shopping list third trimester would be of immense help. With the aid of third trimester shopping list you can find out which are the items you still need.

Support band for your belly

Once the baby drops into position for making a grand entry, there is going to equal amount of pressure on your pelvis. The pain could be reduced to a certain degree by getting on a support band. It does help to eradicate back or abdominal pain. Coupled with the fact that it could be worn discreetly under clothes.

Feeding suppliers

 You are going to need a nursing pillow to support your baby, nursing bras and pads, bottles etc. Ideally you need to figure out what the baby needs during the first few weeks.

Diaper suppliers

Stock up on your supplies of diapers and this includes, disposable or clothed ones. In the first few weeks you are going to need around 12 diapers a day. Diaper jellies or creams would also be needed coupled with a diaper bag to carry along with you when you are on the move. When it comes to stashing the dirty diapers most of them parents have an efficient disposable system whereas others rely on a regular garbage bin.

Baby tub

Is designed in a manner to hold the wrangling baby after all those diaper changes. The baby has to be kept clean and do take into considerations buying guides when you are planning to buy one.

Baby carrier

It is a handy way to make your baby move in a sling or a front like carrier. Some babies like to feel the warmth of their parents and with the help of a baby carrier your baby is safe and protected. In the midst of all this you can perform your routine jobs as well. In some ways it develops an emotional connects between the parents and the babies. Make it a point that the face of the baby is not covered with cloth when they are in a carrier or sling. If breathing issues are bothering your baby discuss with your doctor before planning for a carrier.

Car seat

In some countries it is a law. The baby has to be knuckled in tightly when you are driving. Your baby should be safe and have a comfortable experience while driving.


Works out to be parenting gear that they love. With numerous options in front of you, it is pretty difficult to choose one. The ones with safety harnesses or locking wheels are the best when you are about to lighten the load. Do consider the purpose for which you intend to put the stroller to use. It is for navigating through the busy streets or a gentle stroll around the blocks. What is your budget and how much you are planning to spend is also important.

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