Simple Steps to Follow and Gain Lean Muscle Mass


Are you satisfied with the workout routine you are following to gain lean muscle mass? Have you noticed some weight-loss when you are doing cardiovascular exercises? It is strengthening your heart and giving you a well-toned body, but you are not seeing increased muscle definition and the added bulk you desire to have.

If you are dealing with the same situation don’t give up. A lot of guys face the same position and think that this is hopeless situation and they cannot do anything about it. Actually, when you will think about your workout plans and keep on doing them without any break, then there are ample chances that you will not see any gain.

On the other hand, it is quite possible to improve your muscles significantly and see the desired results in a comparatively lesser time. You can achieve good muscle growth even within a couple of weeks. The objective behind this is to find out where you are making mistakes, there are chances that you are neglecting something and not taking your workout routine in a proper way. You can also pay a visit to

Muscle Mass

Rule Number One

When working out to increase your muscle mass, remember there is a difference between increasing body weight and increasing lean muscle mass. You are supposed to eat right and eat quite often. Feed your muscles with something they are required to get bigger. You want to increase your muscle size, but you don’t want to increase your belly size. So cut down on calories and simple carbohydrates, but make sure not to create the calorie deficit. Calorie deficit will take you on the verge of starvation and in spite of getting results you will increase your body fat. You need good quality protein to increase your muscle definition so avoid skipping your meals. Consume 3 to 5 servings of good quality protein every day.

Rule Number Two

While exercising you have to go slow. Do not think to achieve bigger results overnight. When you do your exercise, make sure to do it properly. Try to feel the tension on the specific muscle you are targeting by this exercise. When you lift the weight, count to 3 and when you lower it down you can count to 5. This will allow you to have a good control of weights and this process will also allow proper blood flow. The good amount of blood and oxygen will help in increasing the size of your muscles and soon you will see noticeable results. will give you more information on this subject.

Rule Number Three: Write down Your Routine

When you follow a routine you could not remember that on a specific date how many exercises you performed, but when you note it on paper, you can check it whenever you want to re-avenue to your plan. You may be following your workout routine with dedication for two or three days a week, but for the rest of the week you may be making excuses. If you can continue your workout routine properly, you will be surprised to see the results.

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