Social Media Use And Car Accidents: What Is The Relationship?


Social media has literally taken over our lives. Every place you turn, you find people on cell phones, chatting, making calls, or recording videos. This craze has slowly sneaked into our cars, and many people are using their phones when driving to take selfies, record videos, or respond to chat.

The results aren’t so good – car accidents have increased, and one of the top causes is distracted driving due to social media use.

Most social media platforms are easily accessible on the phone, which means that people can stay active as they drive. If you have been injured in an accident caused by a driver who was on social media at the time of the incident, talk to a Connecticut auto accident lawyer to discuss your rights.

The sad part is that this trend affects all users of all ages – it is not limited to the young generation alone. Even seniors aged 60 years admit to checking statuses or replying to comments while driving.

Let’s quantify what social media does to your driving. Let’s say you are traveling at 55 miles per hour, and you decide to check your messages on WhatsApp for 5 seconds. You will have traveled a whole 100 yards distracted just to pay attention to the messages. This is akin to traveling an entire football field with a blindfold on. Remember, you are putting the lives of other motorists in danger when you pick up that phone.

During the five seconds of distraction, a serious accident can occur that can change your life.

Steps to Take After an Accident Involving a Distracted Driver

If you get injured in an accident that involves a motorist that was on the phone the entire time, it is necessary to take a few steps:

Get Treated

Whether the injury is minor or severe, you need medical attention. A qualified doctor evaluates your injuries and determines the extent of the injury. He comes up with a medical report that documents theinjuries and gives you a basis for filing a claim.

Call 911

Getting a copy of the police report helps strengthen the claim. Additionally, it acts as credible evidence when you have to convince the court that you aren’t responsible for the accident.

The police also help you get the contact information of eyewitnesses. Once the police arrive on the scene, they get recounts of the incidences from eyewitnesses, and this serves as evidence. Ask the police to help you get information about the other driver so that you can contact them when it is time to file the claim.

Note down the driver’s contact details, vehicle information, and details of their insurer.

Take a Lot of Pictures

It is advisable to take many pictures and sort them out later on. Don’t be specific on which photos to take; take them randomly and check them out later on so that you capture the entire scene. Remember that to win the case, you need to prove that the other driver acted negligently.

Hire A Professional Connecticut Auto Accident Lawyer

Most car accident claims can be complicated and too challenging for you to handle on your own. This is why you need an experienced attorney that is experienced in personal injuries to help you navigate the proceedings fast.

Choosing a professional lawyer should be based on their experience, qualifications, and willingness to handle your case.

Contact a Lawyer Today

Connecticut auto accident lawyers know how dangerous it is to use social media while behind the wheel. The lawyers are committed to helping those that have been injured due to another motorist’s reckless behavior. If you or someone close to you has been injured in an accident with a distracted driver, talk to a lawyer today to help you get justice.

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