Some Informative Advices To Cure Sleep Apnea Problem


Sound sleep is a must to keep us fit. Those enjoying sufficient sleep are able to get rid of fatigue and restore their energy. Many persons suffer from disturbance while sleeping. Heavy snoring, gasp, choke or stoppages of breathing during sleep are some of the symptoms of sleep apnea. This disorder is common amongst millions of persons across the globe.

Treating sleep apnea – The sufferers of this specific ailment must maintain a proper record of their sleep and note the levels of fatigue during the day. Their bed partners could tell them about the symptoms, i.e. gasp, snore, choke or disturbance in breathing while they sleep. All these facts must be made known to the doctor.

Different methods of treatment – Following treatments can be of great advantage and help us to know that how to treat sleep apnea:

a. Sleep study – Sleep centers could render valuable services in this regard. They observe the patients with regard to their response to eye movement, heart rate, muscle activity, respiratory effect, blood oxygen levels and airflow etc during sleep. This method is useful for diagnosis and determination of the level of sleep apnea. Apt treatment after this study is possible.

b. CPAP, i.e. Continuous positive airway pressure – It is done the help of a device in the shape of a mask that is fitted over the mouth or the nose. It helps in easy blow of air into the airway and keeps it open while the patient is sleeping. This highly effective method is much helpful.

c. Lifestyle changes – Excessive weight, smoking and alcohol are some of the culprits that cause sleep apnea. Persons with extra fat must reduce the same. Exercises, physical activities and suitable medication may be helpful to shed extra weight. Frequent nighttime awakenings are often caused due to excessive intake of alcohol. It must be avoided at all costs to enjoy good sleep. Likewise the habit of smoking should also be quit without any delay. Use of cigarettes leads to swelling in the upper airways that worsens the disorder of sleep apnea.

d. Change of positions – Many persons sleep in wrong positions that may be harmful and result in sleep apnea. It can be avoided by adopting the right positions for sleeping. Those who sleep on their backs are prone to this ailment.

e. Healthy diets – Poor foods without sufficient minerals and vitamins may also lead to complications in sleeping. Green leafy vegetables, fruits and other nutrient eatables are a must to enjoy good sleep.

f. Dental devices – These devices also play a great role to ensure good sleep. They are helpful in keeping the airways open during sleep. These devices can be got designed by the dentists that are experienced to treat sleep apnea.

g. Surgery – It may be necessitated to treat enlarged tonsils or the small jaw with an overbite that leads to narrowing of the throat that is also behind sleep apnea. Good surgeons must be approached for this purpose.

Doctor’s advice us how to treat sleep apnea and handle this problem in an efficient manner.


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