The Best Way to Protect Infants from Cough and Congestion with The Help of Simple Home Remedies


It can be a really tough situation to deal with for the parents if their baby is having cough and congestion. It can lead to runny nose, difficulty in breathing and fever. An infant is unable to express in words that what exactly he or she is feeling that is why it becomes very important for the parents to look for the signs of cough and congestion and immediately do something about it. If the problem has just began then instead of rushing to the doctor you can try home remedies for congestion in infants which will be highly beneficial in providing immediate relief. The antibiotics and other medicines may result in producing side effects that is why home remedies are highly suggested.

Have a look at some very useful home remedies for treating the problem of congestion and cough in infants

 Using essential oils for massaging

 Rubbing the infant’s feet and chest area with essential oils can provide sufficient heat level to their body and the congestion will get clear. You can try that oil to which your baby is non allergic.

Prepare saline drops at home

Take some warm water and mix a pinch of salt in it. By keeping the chin of baby in upwards direction put one to two drops of this solution in the nostrils. Using a dropper can help in this procedure. By this method breathing will improve and nose will be cleared up.

Use vaporizer

Using a vaporizer when the baby is sleeping can help a lot in clearing the chest and cough. It will also help the child to get a sound sleep.


Steam is a great way of clearing blocked cough inside the body. You can try simple ways by which the baby is able to inhale steamed air and thus the cough and blocked nose will get cleared in an effective manner.

Increase the intake of fluids

 Drinking a lot of fluids can really help the infants to clear all the congestion. Breast milk is really important in case of babies for combating this problem. Fluids help in keeping the body hydrated and thus all the cough and mucus will go away in the form of secretions. Warm fluids should be preferred in case the baby is few months old. You can try warm soup and other home made preparations for instant relief.


Honey is a great agent for clearing congestion and cough. Just make your baby lick honey few times a day. It will control production of mucus in the body and the congestion will also get treated.

Elevate the head

Due to congestion the nasal passage gets blocked and the baby is unable to get sufficient oxygen. Keep the head in elevated position so that mucus finds a way for clearing out and while sleeping this can be done by placing a pillow beneath the head so that the baby can breathe easily and thus get sufficient rest.

These home remedies for infant cough and congestion are surely going to be helpful. One should not panic if the kid is facing any of these issues. Just use these ideas and you will notice incredible results in a very short period of time.




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