Things to know about workers’ compensation claims in Phoenix


A few things in life are as worse as suffering an injury on the job. Arizona laws make it mandatory for employers to have workers’ compensation insurance. This is no-fault insurance that pays the victim (the injured employee) for medical bills and part of their lost wages because of the accident. Eventually, the benefits are paid by an insurance company, and therefore, it is not always easy to get fair compensation. That’s precisely why you need to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Phoenix. Here are some basic aspects worth knowing. 

Dealing with workplace injuries

Just like your employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, you are required to inform the employer of work-related injuries or mishaps immediately or at the earliest. Right after getting injured, call 911 or seek medical attention, and once you are okay, let your employer know. If you want to file a worker’s compensation claim, you have to do so within a year of the injury. In case you were diagnosed with an occupational disease, you have to file the claim within a year of the diagnosis. However, it is never wise to wait for long to file the claim. 

Filing the claim, dealing with denial 

You are required to file the workers’ compensation claim with the Industrial Commission of Arizona. When you do that, the insurance company will be notified, and the company has 21 days to respond to your claim. Now, if your employer’s insurance company denies your claim, you can request a hearing, which you must file within 90 days from the day you received the notice.

Why are claims denied?

While a workers’ comp attorney can help you understand why your claim was denied, there could be several reasons. The insurance company may claim that you sustained the injuries elsewhere and not at your workplace or had those injuries from a prior accident. Insurance companies are not here to help you get a fair settlement, and therefore, you cannot expect them to deal with your claim sensibly. 

Hiring a lawyer

There are many law firms and workers’ comp attorneys in Phoenix, and you can always meet one in-person to know your case better. They can represent you at hearings, and if your claim is denied, they can help find the right legal options. The workers’ compensation system should be fair, but you wouldn’t want to lose your chances because of insurance companies and claims adjusters. Get an attorney. 

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