Things You Should Know Regarding Amalgam Removal


Cavities are a common problem, affecting a majority of population around the world. The most commonly used and highly effective solution to this problem is dental amalgam, which has been in use from several decades; although, the material used in this procedure has remained more or less the same. Recently a few concerns have been raised about the same and it is important to have a good understanding of the procedure before you decide to opt for it.

A mix of various metals, including liquid mercury, powdered alloy etc., is what constitutes dental amalgam. Out of these, liquid or elemental mercury makes up more than half of the mixture in terms of weight. Also called quicksilver, it is toxic in nature and not fit for humans, still the use of mercury as a part of the mix was considered safe. That is why, while in earlier times this filling was quite common, with the passage of time it is being replaced by other substances.

The adverse impacts of mercury can be in various forms as it is able to enter blood stream. The peripheral and central nervous systems are the most affected by the presence of mercury in your body, along with cause problems in digestive system and immune system. It can lead to various disorders, behavioural and neurological and cause symptoms, such as loss of memory, headaches, insomnia and tremors. The harmful impact can also be visible in the form of motor and cognitive dysfunction.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, amalgam removal is considered as a highly demanding task, requiring skills and knowledge of an experienced professional. It involves a team of specialists and the preparations for the removal process start a long time before. The patient who is undergoing the procedure is required to undergo diet modification, besides using supplements.

At the time of the removal, proper safety procedures have to be followed as even a small negligence can lead to unimaginable damage to the life of the patient. That is why using rubber dam is considered crucial as it is considered to increase safety. Proper provision should be there to ensure regular supply of oxygen, not only to the patient but to the staff as well. The suction device to be used in the mouth of the patient should be effective and high volume, to prevent ingestion of mercury vapour.

As the amalgam removal procedure is quite complicated and demanding, people have various apprehensions about the same in their mind. The entire process takes around one to one and a half hour and is quite similar to treating a cavity or getting a filling. Once it is over, it is possible to get on with your regular activities without any delay. To avoid the patient from feeling much pain, local anaesthesia is commonly used. In terms of price as well, it is no different from regular filling. However, it is suggested to get a clear estimate of the cost involved beforehand, as it can sometimes vary from one patient to another.

The above mentioned is some important information about amalgam removal, complete knowledge about which is essential to ensure that the procedure is carried out safely and effectively.

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