Tooth Replacement Options


Most of us may face missing teeth due to various reasons such as events, accidents, injuries, and severe dental disease. Missing teeth not only leads to a lack of self-confidence but can also affect a person’s ability to eat and speak. The good news is that there are various dental options to replace missing teeth and restore your dazzling smile. Dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures are tooth replacement options. Each of these options has unique advantages and disadvantages. As a dedicated dentist performing dental implants in Toronto describes, “a dental implant is an artificial tooth root, typically a titanium screw that is placed into your jawbone to hold a replacement tooth.” Keep reading the following article to learn more about dental implants and dentures.

Are Dentures for older adults?

Dentures are artificial prostheses to replace missing teeth. Long ago, dentures were removable, and people always complained that they faced problems while eating and speaking. Nowadays, thanks to the improvements, dentures are provided in fixed and removable types. When you choose to have dentures, the dentist will evaluate your dental status and then suggests you the best one. It is often believed that dentures are suitable for old people with a lot of missing teeth. But this is not true. Dentures can be suitable for any age, depending on dental status.

Why Are Dental Implants Popular?

Dental implants are another tooth replacement option. As most cosmetic dentists emphasize, dental implants are more popular than dentures. The reason is its appearance and function. When it comes to dental implants, a false tooth is replaced in your jawbone. This false tooth looks and acts exactly like natural teeth so that no one even diagnoses if it is a false tooth.

Are There Any Caring Tips With these Methods?

Generally speaking, any dental treatment needs some caring tips to last longer. If you go through dentures or dental implants, the dental specialist will tell you how to take care of them better. For instance, if you have chosen removable dentures, you will probably be told to keep them in a water container at night before going to bed. Or, if you have an implanted tooth, the dentist will tell you to brush your tooth with a suitable toothbrush and toothpaste.

The problems with Missing Teeth

The number of people who believe that they can live with their lost teeth without any problem is not few. Especially when the lost tooth is not in the front row and is not visible while smiling, people may ignore replacing them. But it is not just about your appearance. In other words, when you have one or more than one missing tooth, you will face many problems gradually. As mentioned earlier, you will have problems while chewing, and it will lead to digestive problems. Besides, other adjacent teeth will be in danger when there is a lost tooth. The person’s oral health will be affected by that lost teeth.

If you are suffering from missing teeth but avoid replacing them just because of financial problems, it should be said that most dental clinics consider this problem and provide various dental options to help patients restore their glorious smiles with healthy teeth.

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