What Can You Do If You Have Foot Corn?


Foot corn is a fungal infection of the skin on the sole. It’s often caused by excessive sweating in tight, closed shoes or boots. Fortunately, many treatments are there that you can use to eliminate foot corn once and for all, including different forms of antifungal creams or oral medication. To treat foot corn at the earliest, you can consult a board-certified foot surgeon in New York, NY.

Types of Treatment for Foot Corn:

Corn Callus Remover

Generally, the procedure involves the application of an electric device on the surface that has been absorbed by your skin, creating less friction while walking or wearing shoes or boots. This will eventually generate heat and power to remove the top layer of the skin over your corn so you can easily walk barefoot.

Liquid Nitrogen Treatment

You can also use liquid nitrogen to freeze the corn so it will eventually peel off. After freezing, you can also use a scalpel to remove the frozen skin layer then trim off the dead surface layer leaving a smooth surface that can heal quickly, taking up to two weeks for proper healing.

Oral Antifungal Medication

In case you are allergic to any medication, you will have to take oral medications to eradicate foot corn permanently. In this case, you will have to consume a long course of drugs from three weeks to four months from when it starts to appear; then, after that, you will have to consume another drug for 3-4 months. That is when the skin will finally release and can be peeled off easily.

Medicated Antifungal Cream

If you can’t afford to spend for any of the above treatments, then the use of medicated antifungal cream is recommended as a temporary solution to your foot corn problem. It contains clotrimazole, miconazole, or terbinafine as active ingredients that will help soften the corn and make it easy for you to walk after a few weeks of daily application. You may apply this daily until your foot corn is completely healed.

Corn Grafting

There is a procedure called corn grafting for people who have a lot of corn on their feet and want to eliminate them. It can remove the skin from one part of their foot and transplant it onto another part of the surface so the body’s immune system will quickly remove the dead tissue.

Remember that if you have skin changes on the sole of your foot, do not try to remove them on your own. Always consult a qualified doctor to get professional treatment.

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