What Does Asian Plastic Surgery Target?


People of Asian descent are some of the most likely to seek plastic surgery procedures. As a matter of fact, the numbers of people in South Korea going for these procedures is unprecedented. It has become almost normal for people to seek a change in different features of their bodies in the Asiatic country. Not that they are any much different from others especially in the developed world.

In the USA, there are surgeons who have gained experience in giving transformations to this group of people. Usually, Asian plastic surgeries are sought by both males and females. These procedures usually centre round certain features of the body. One of the most targeted areas is the eyes. Many people of Asian descent will usually choose to have blepharoplasty done to have their eyes pop out or seem a little larger.

What Does Asian Plastic Surgery Target

Also known as eyelid surgery, the procedure involves incising the areas around the eyelid to give creases on the topmost eyelid. The procedure has a short recovery period of about one week. On average, Asians in the USA who need to have blepharoplasty done pay $4,000. While in the past, most people seeking this kind of surgery to give their eyes a “Western appeal”, nowadays, the trend is more of a drive to seek the accentuation of the eye. Others seek this kind of surgery to correct the inverted shape of eyelids they may have which cause them to have multiple eye infections.

Some people of Asian descent also go for rhinoplasty, though this is less common. IU is a celebrity who is speculated to have gone for this procedure though it must have been done by a professional. Her nose was made a little bit thin and sharper than most keen eyes can remember. Nevertheless, the celebrity has been done much benefit by the procedure he went through. More info!

Asian people also look at their jaws as being features whose transformations can be an enhancement of overall appearance. Many people will seek to have them refined. While the top priority for plastic surgery is blepharoplasty, jaw jobs have also gained popularity.

Like with any other person, an Asian plastic surgery can go wrong. The best way to guard against such an occurrence is by choosing a surgeon whose expertise lies in transforming Asian looks. Nevertheless, there still is a margin of error which needs to be taken into account when making the decision. The singer Park Bom is a celebrity whose unsuccessful plastic surgery has caused many wagging tongues from fans and media alike.

Her chin seems to have been given an irregular and almost unnatural shape after the surgery. Aside from this flop, it seems she is a victim of bad Botox. Her face looks stiff and you cannot read much emotion from it.

With more plastic surgeons looking to be proficient in a specific area, Asian people in the USA will not have to look very hard to find the professionals who understand their expectations.

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