What To Do If You Were Impacted By A Delayed Or Missed Cancer Diagnosis?


Sometimes a cancer diagnosis is delayed because doctors and patients don’t know the warning signs or symptoms, or the patient doesn’t know what to look for. Other times, a diagnosis is missed because of other medical conditions that can mimic cancer symptoms, such as anemia. Regardless of the cause, this type of diagnostic delay or misdiagnosis can be devastating for both patient and doctor. You may learn about your condition at a time when it is no longer possible to treat it effectively. The emotional blow can be devastating as well, you may feel anger and betrayal in addition to fear and sadness.

Faced with a missed or delayed cancer diagnosis? Remember that you are not alone. According to the American Cancer Society, between 2 and 8 percent of people with cancer have a delayed or missed diagnosis. The most common reasons for a delayed cancer diagnosis include not recognizing the symptoms as being caused by cancer (for example, confusion over whether weight loss is related to illness or diet) and failure to perform tests that would detect a problem early on. If you think your doctor has a serious role in your delayed or missed cancer diagnosis, then you can take legal action against them by consulting with Albany Delayed Cancer Diagnosis lawyers.

What is the Role of Lawyers in Misdiagnosis or Late Diagnosis of Cancer?

In the case of cancer, delay or misdiagnosis of the onset of cancer can result in years of needless pain and suffering and can mean the difference between life and death. Cancer misdiagnoses are not common, but they do happen. If you have been a victim of this type of negligence, you should seek legal counsel immediately as time may be a factor as far as your health is concerned.

In cases of delayed or missed cancer diagnoses, it is important to understand that various factors may have played into the delay in diagnosing your cancer. For example, some doctors are so caught up in their own schedules that they simply overlook critical diagnostic signs. Their error in judgment can impact you for the rest of your life.

In some cases, there is the issue of not considering the diagnosis of cancer at all. This can be due to a failure to follow proper diagnostic procedures. Many tests can determine if someone has a form of cancer, but sometimes doctors may fail to perform these tests or they may neglect to interpret them correctly. In these cases, there is a good chance that an experienced medical malpractice lawyer could help you file suit against the responsible doctor and practice.

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