What to Do to Deal with Dental Emergency Conditions Properly?


If you have ever experienced a particular type of dental emergency, you will realize how frightening and unbearable it can be. As usual, the same questions are commonly asked by those with severe dental pain, such as if they are in a dental emergency condition, who they should call, and what they can do to relieve their pain. Generally speaking, no emergency dental issue should get ignored. As a dedicated dentist at an emergency dental clinic in North York, ignoring emergency dental issues can lead to severe situations and even losing your natural tooth. Simply follow the guidelines provided in this article to determine how to properly handle your dental emergencies.

Is It an Urgent Condition?

As everyone knows, certain types of dental emergency conditions require urgent attention while others can be treated later. So all of us must learn vital information to differentiate dental emergencies from all dental issues. The following items are the examples of dental emergency conditions:

-Gum bleeding that is continued for more than an hour

– A loosened tooth or knocked-out tooth

-Jaw fracture

-Swelling gum that is associated with unbearable pain and discomfort

-Severe dental pain that is progressed for more than several hours

-Extreme dental sensitivity

Since dental emergencies have the potential to put your overall health at severe risk, call your emergency dentists as soon as you experience any of the above issues.

Following issues are considered non-emergency dental problems; you can wait a few days to make your own general dentists’ appointments.

-Chipped, cracked or broken teeth

-Losing a crown, a bridge or a filling

-Mild toothaches or dental sensitivity

Who Should I Contact When I Suffer from A Dental Emergency Condition?

Your general dentist is the most fundamental choice to contact when experiencing a dental problem. In some situations, it is likely to experience unbearable toothaches or persistent gum bleeding during the night, or when dental offices are closed, it’s time to go straight to the emergency room. But don’t panic if it is unavailable for you to visit professional emergency dentists; there are several practical things you can do at home, depending on the type of your dental emergency. These remedies will help ease your pain and handle the situation until you reach the nearest emergency clinic.

-Stay Calm: Regardless of the type of emergency conditions you are experiencing, the most important thing is trying to stay calm because when you are anxious, you will perform negative reactions that make your emergency worse.

-Stop Bleeding: Applying a piece of gauze or clean cloth over the affected site and biting it can be helpful to stop bleeding.

-Relieving the Pain: Rinsing your mouth with warm water when you have unbearable toothaches can lower your dental pain and irritation. Also, you can apply a cold compress on your cheek near the affected site is commonly recommended to reduce your pain. In more severe conditions, you can take over-the-counter medication to control your pain until you visit the nearest emergency dentist.

-Preserving your Knocked-out Teeth: Professional emergency Dentists will ensure you re-insert your knocked-out teeth in their sockets if you bring them to your appointment instantly.

-Flossing Regularly: In most cases, the underlying reason for your severe dental pain is leftover food getting stuck between your teeth. Flossing is the best solution to remove these materials and relieve your pain.

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