What You Should Know About Your Eye Health


Like any other part of your body, your eyes need comprehensive care to maintain their health and enhance your overall health. Your lifestyle and any underlying conditions play a vital role in determining its course when it comes to eye health. To start with, healthy diets and regular eye check-ups can help keep your eyes in check.

Red or teary eyes are some of the signs that may indicate you have eye problems. Dr. Russell Levine in New York,  a trained eye specialist, can help evaluate and treat your eyes. Call the practice today for a consultation.

Dr. Levine offers compassionate and standard ophthalmology care to patients of all ages.  Together with his team, they offer patient-centered care where they give their patients all years to meet their specific health concerns.  They provide a thorough diagnosis, treatments, and management for various eye health conditions.

Here are among the eye care services available courtesy of Dr. Levine.

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Eye exam

Like your health check-ups, eye exams are also critical in ensuring your eye health and preventing eye problems. It involves screening your eyes to point out any issues.

Dr. Levine conducts various tests to assess your vision and overall eye health. It’s during an eye exam that your provider finds the right treatment option.

Some of the treatments he might recommend include:

·         Eyeglasses

·         Contacts

·         Prescribed medications

·         Lifestyle changes

·         Surgery

·         Blood work

·         Medical referrals

An eye exam can help detect various eye problems, including dry eye, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, etc.

Dry eye

Chronic dry eye is a common problem affecting about 4.9 million Americans. It occurs when the eyes fail to produce adequate tears for enough lubrication. In some cases, the problem may cause low production of tears, while other cases involve the production of poor quality tears.

The condition causes discomfort and irritation, interfering with your daily life. Some of the symptoms include:

·         Red eyes

·         Blurred vision

·         Eye fatigue or pain

·         Stinging or burning sensations

·         Eye fatigue

Dr. Levine carries out a thorough diagnosis to determine the cause of the problem and design personalized treatments.


Glaucoma describes several conditions that harm the optic nerve. The common cause of glaucoma is abnormal high eye pressure. Your provider works with you to determine the exact cause of your problem.

This eye problem can develop in any person but is more common in older patients. There is no known cure for glaucoma, but early detection can help with treatment. Glaucoma occurs in different forms depending on the cause.


Eye floaters are spots in your line of vision. They may appear as dots, black or gray cobwebs, or strings.

Floaters result from the changes in the eye vitreous as you get older. The jelly-like substance in your eyes becomes more liquid as the years go by. Its fibers break down and accumulate together, causing shadows on the retina.

The floaters occur as a result of these shadows.

Some of the signs you have floaters include:

·         Moving spots in your field of vision

·         Dark specks in your vision

·         Noticeable spots on a white background

If you have any eye problems, contact Dr. Levine today to schedule your consultation.

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