Who Are Good Candidates for Teeth Whitening?


Are you ashamed of your smile due to your teeth discoloration? Don’t worry; you are not the only person with discolored teeth. Since technology has been improved in various methods, dental clinics also enhance their dental appearance treatments. For example, teeth whitening is one of the most practical cosmetic dental treatments. Your teeth may become discolored because of different things, but the stain is one of the most influential factors in discoloring your teeth.

As a dentist applying teeth whitening in Richmond Hill says, there are 2 kinds of stains on the front surface of teeth. Some people are involved with extrinsic dental stains. This stain mostly happens to chain smokers who smoke for their lives.

Moreover, people who drink too much soda, black tea, and coffee are also involved with extrinsic dental stains. Besides this type of stain, there is also a natural type of stain. People will get discolored teeth due to these natural dental stains. For example, older adults mostly have too many natural stains on their teeth.

Who Does Need Teeth Whitening?

In the previous part, we discussed dental stains, which make your teeth yellow, dark, and discolored. Based on the gathered information, people get dark and yellow teeth over time.

It means older people have discolored teeth in comparison with younger ones. Your dental enamel is the most impressive part of your teeth’ color. If you have yellow teeth, you have inadequate colored enamel, which submits a dark color.

 Generally, people may have intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Unfortunately, intrinsic stains are intense in the dental enamel, so removing this stain is impossible.

Since intrinsic stains are inside your tooth, you cannot get rid of them quickly. But why do these stains come to our teeth? When using particular medications and drugs, you may face an intrinsic stain, which is not easy to remove via teeth whitening.

Moreover, genetic factors can make your teeth yellow and dark, which is impossible to remove easily over the whitening process.

What to Do Before Performing Teeth Whitening?

First, you must find a professional cosmetic dentist who is skillful and well-experienced in whitening. Then, let them observe your teeth’ condition to find the best and most practical method to change the color of your teeth.

Note that the whitening process cannot treat and fix your dental and oral issues, so you must repair your decayed teeth before getting ready for a whitening procedure. The whitening process is only usable and helpful for people with extrinsic stains.

Therefore, you must be sure if your stain is extrinsic. Only your chosen cosmetic dentist can recognize the type of your stain. In most cases, cosmetic dentists examine the patients’ teeth to check out the standard for whitening.

Don’t forget to get rid of your dental cavities and gum diseases before getting ready for the whitening process. Cosmetic dentists can only care about your dental appearance and its beauty.

Other dental treatments can be done with the help of regular and general dentists. As the last point, the whitening process may cause dental and oral inflammation, which is normal.

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