Why Your Six Month Dental Check-Up Is So Important


Everyone knows the six-month rule when it comes to visiting the dentist. Whether you are having dental issues or not, you’re supposed to visit them for a routine check-up, which is usually just a few minutes long. However, many of us simply skip these appointments because we have no issues, and might not see a dentist for a long time. Unfortunately, this can then cause further issues, and here are a few reasons why you should keep your six monthly appointment to see your dentist.

Quick appointments

Most six month check-ups are very quick, so there’s no need to take loads of time off work. Some of the things they will do include:

  • Asking whether you’ve had any dental issues
  • Giving advice on lifestyle changes to improve your teeth – i.e. giving up smoking
  • Looking at your teeth, gums, and mouth area
  • Advising on brushing and any precautions you need to take

Check-ups are usually over very quickly, and your dentist will then tell you the next course of action you need to take. This could be an appointment for a cleaning, suggesting some new products to improve your dental health, or booking in a procedure. Otherwise, you are then free for the next six months.

Preventative measures

The main reason why dentists ask to see you every six months is so they can take preventative measures. Left unchecked, you may experience tooth pain, bleeding gums, or any manner of unpleasant symptoms. If you leave a condition until it’s advanced, then treatment is costlier and difficult, which is why it’s important to book an appointment with Applecross dentist regularly. Paying for check-ups is a lot cheaper than potentially paying for a big treatment in a few months’ time, and many conditions can be treated so much more simply in the early stages.

Avoiding emergencies

Tooth pain can be absolutely awful, and nobody wants to get to the stage where they can’t work or sleep because their teeth hurt so much. In these situations, you often have to get an emergency appointment, and if your dentist is busy then it can be difficult to get one right away. It’s better to do all you can to avoid a dental emergency by having check-ups, following advice on hygiene, and generally looking after your teeth, as you can avoid unpleasant situations.

Everyone’s teeth are unique, and it’s important to get tailored advice on dental care from a professional. One way of keeping your teeth healthy is getting regular checks, as this will allow your dentist to see any issues over time, and get them treated appropriately. You can often avoid problems such as tooth loss by ensuring you see your dentist every six months, rather than waiting until you’re in pain, and this will help you keep your teeth healthy. You only get one set of adult teeth, so make sure you take care of them and have regular check-ups when needed.

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