5 Facts About Vaginal Yeast Infection Every Woman Needs To Know!


Sorry for disappointment, however if aren’t suffered with yeast infection yet—you will possibly get one eventually. 3 out of 4 women will experience a vaginal yeast infection sometime in their life and 1/2 will have 2 or more. Yeast normally lives on every woman’s skin and in your vagina. When anything disturbs the natural balance of vaginal healthy bacteria, fungus Candida can develop out of control with burning and itching sensation.

Here are some facts about vaginal yeast infection you should know;

  1. The symptoms of vaginal yeast infection can mimic other problems too.

According to a research, just 11 percent of women who never suffered with yeast infection could discover its symptoms, whereas only 1/3rd of women who guess they had a yeast infection really did. Why this confusion?

Because signs like itching, burning, pain during sex, as well as a white, thick and odorless discharge are similar to other conditions. However if there is a fishy odor it can instead be a bacterial vaginosis, and if there is a pain and burning during urination, it may be a UTI or urinary tract infection.

  1. For First Timer It is Must to See the Doctor

For first timers it is important to visit a doctor to pinpoint if it is yeast or some other infection. The doctor then can best prescribed some suitable treatment like topical skin cream or Rx for an oral antifungal fluconazole Over the counter creams and pills and home treatments can worsen the inflammations without providing any relief at all.

Yeast Infection

  1. There isn’t any product to clean and prevent them

Vagina is a self cleaning machine. So there isn’t any need to have scented gels, douches, perfumes, and other “women only” products to keep them clean. In fact, instead of cleaning them and preventing yeast infection, these products can create an imbalance of healthy vaginal bacteria making you more susceptible to yeast infections.

  1. What if it occurs after intercourse?

A yeast infection is not actually a STI or sexually transmitted infection; however intercourse can throw off your vaginal bacterial balance, increasing the risk for yeast overgrowth. So it is better to see doctor to identify if there is any other STI or not.

  1. Myth of Wet bathing suits

Wet or sweaty clothes are usually considered as way to disaster because yeast thrives in wet and warm environments, which is true. However it is only important for the sufferers with recurrent episodes of yeast infection instead of whole population.

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