Fibroid May Hurt the Developing Baby?


A review literature of past 25 years discovered only 4 infants that are affected by fibroid.

Do Fibroid Mean You Need a Caesarean Section?

Hardly ever a fibroid can grow near cervix. If it is big enough, it can prevent the baby from coming through birth canal. However, this is not risky and usually diagnosed by a sonogram before starting the labor. On occasion it is discovered during labor as the baby doesn’t come down through birth canal. Then a caesarean section is required.

Fertility, Miscarriages and Other Pregnancy Issues in Women with Fibroid.

Can Fibroid Cause Fertility Problems?

Fibroid that change the uterine cavity (submucous) shape or are in the cavity (intra-cavitary) reduces fertility by 70% and removing then increases fertility by 70%. Types of Fibroid, that are within the uterus wall (intramural) but don’t change the cavity’s shape, or Fibroid that bulge outside wall (subserosal) don’t decrease the fertility, and removing them doesn’t affect fertility.
Fibroid are not determined by ultrasound. MRI is best, however much costly. Hysteroscopy and saline-infusion sonography can also be effective and cost effective as well.

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Can Fibroid Cause Miscarriage?

Fibroid when bulged in submucous or when within cavity may cause miscarriages. Fertilized egg goes down the fallopian tube and possesses the uterus lining. When a submucosal fibroid occurs nearby, it may thin out uterus lining and decreases blood supply to the developing embryo. Sometimes fibroid can also cause inflammation in lining directly above. Fetus can’t develop appropriately, and result in miscarriage. But, with the next pregnancy, the egg may settle in other location, and leads to pregnancy without any problem. But if there is a miscarriage and Fibroid get bulged in uterine cavity, then it must be removed.

Does Pregnancy Grow Fibroid?

Pregnancy has variable effects on Fibroid, however most Fibroid don’t get bigger during pregnancy. It depends on individual differences in genetic changes occurred in Fibroid and amount and type of growth factors present in blood. Ultrasound investigation pregnant fibroid sufferers proved that 69% had no increase in fibroid size during pregnancy. 31% of women who experience increase in size, usually appeared before the 3rd month.

Can Fibroid Cause Problems During Pregnancy?

Usually Fibroid occur at age of late 30s and 40s when most have already accomplished their families. Amanda Leto author of fibroid miracle review said; “Just 2% found to have Fibroid. Also, the big majority of pregnant women does have Fibroid encounter no problems and delivered healthy babies without difficulties”. Most investigations prove no differences in risk of fetal abnormality and growth issues, premature delivery, placental problems, or heavy post-delivery bleeding. However, caesarean section is common among women with Fibroid.

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