5 Interesting Dental Implant Facts You Should Know


Losing one or multiple teeth may affect your smile’s appearance and your confidence and self-esteem. Though several treatment options can improve your condition, dental implants have provided a more robust and more permanent solution. The Temecula implants specialists at Sunshine Dental Inc can help you know if you can benefit from the implants and take you through the entire treatment procedure to restore your overall oral health. However, there are several facts you need to understand as you seek treatment. Follow through.

The Implants Will Be Virtually as Strong as Your Natural Teeth

If you are concerned about the strength of your teeth after a dental implant, worry no more. The dental implants will be as good as your natural teeth in terms of durability and strength. Implants are the only close tooth replacement options with a close match to your natural teeth’ strength. Most people who receive the implants report the ability to bite and chew, almost like natural teeth.

The Surgery is Not Complicated

Many people are terrified when seeking dental implant treatment due to the fear of the surgery being complicated. Please note that although the procedure involves implanting a prosthesis into your jaw, it does not mean it is complicated. It is a routine procedure with an over 98% success rate if performed correctly by expertise. Also, anyone in good health and with enough jawbone can be considered for the process.

After Care is Simple

Some tooth replacement treatment options can be hectic afterward. Fortunately, dental implants are made with materials that are not susceptible to cavities and decay, and routine brushing and flossing may be enough to maintain them. Therefore, once you heal, you will be back to your regular oral hygiene routine just like nothing happened.

Implants Prevent Bone Loss

Bone loss is a natural consequence of tooth loss. With the absence of the tooth root, the bone supporting the missing tooth can resorb or recede, and it can change the shape of your mouth as it changes in form. The dental implant procedure involves attaching an artificial root to the bone mimicking the strength and shape of the natural tooth root. This helps preserve the jawbone preventing more harm from occurring.

They Have Health Benefits

A dental implant procedure is not only a cosmetic procedure but also comes with several health benefits. By restoring your natural ability to bite and chew, you will be able to maintain a healthy diet that comes with additional services. This may reduce your risk for complications that result from nutrients and minerals insufficiency. Also, studies show that those who lose multiple teeth by the age of 65 can be at a higher risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease. This means that implants get to minimize such risks.

If you are looking for a more permanent tooth replacement solution, dental implants can be all you need. Contact the providers at Sunshine Dental Inc today to learn more about the treatment procedure and understand if you are a good candidate for it. Remember that the implants mimic your natural teeth, and you may not even tell the difference.

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