7 Causes of Hair Loss in Women You Should Know


Hair loss is characterized by thinning hair or baldness and can develop due to numerous reasons. Sometimes, it is a side effect of a health condition or specific medications’ another reason may be that it is hereditary. Reports revealed that about half of women experience hair loss in their lifetime. Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers offer treatment for women’s hair loss in Hauppauge. Book an appointment online today for a transplant and restoration. Below are the causes that affect women:

1. Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalances cause numerous health and beauty conditions, including weight gain and adult acne. The effects of hormonal changes also have an impact on hair growth and thinning. Human beings rely on the hormone estrogen as one of the key factors that facilitate hair growth. Excess androgens also have a negative impact that causes hair loss. Doctors can evaluate your condition to determine whether they are the problem and develop a plan to restore balance.


2. Stress

Most people think that hair loss due to stress is a myth. The fact is that that stress can increase the level of androgens which, in turn, cause hair loss. Stress also triggers dandruff and messes up eating and the digestive system. As a result, the victim experiences hair loss.

3. Pregnancy

One of the major factors that cause hair loss during pregnancy is hormone imbalances. Usually, hormones fluctuate both during pregnancy and delivery. Luckily, these hormones will return to normal after childbirth, although it takes time. Everything recovers gradually after you have given birth.


4. Medications

Taking specific medications could increase your chances of hair loss. For example, taking medications that treat anaemia and depression is known to have this impact. Additionally, oral contraceptives, calcium channel blockers, and NSAIDS can cause hair thinning. Baldness can be caused by too much vitamin A, chemotherapy drugs, and retinoids have a negative impact on hair growth.

5. Unusual weight loss

A dramatic decrease in weight loss can also cause hair thinning and baldness. You will experience hair loss, whether weight loss was intentional or not. Hair is important for our appearance and psychology, but not for our physical health. Therefore, a nutritional deficiency will begin by showing up in your hair before any other organ.

6. Age

Women at older ages experience hair loss more often than younger ones. This is especially the case for women approaching menopause. It becomes more severe as they approach menopause closely and worse after the period. It is a normal process for hair to get fine as our age progresses.

7. Autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases have an effect that makes our bodies perceive hair follicles as foreign and therefore attack them as a preventive measure. The most common condition that causes thinning is alopecia areata. Doctors may inject corticosteroid to stimulate hair growth and restore appearance.

Bottom line

Doctors treat hair loss conditions depending on the cause and symptoms. If a hormonal imbalance causes your condition, they restore balance and growth. Conditions that fail to respond to these treatments require ARTAS iX, which is an advanced treatment. For treatment of your thinning hair, book an appointment today with Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers.

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