Neck Pain Intervention Procedures for a Better Quality of Life


Neck pain is something that affects many people, although it is usually mild in most cases. However, for some people, neck pain can mean a change in how they live their lives. In serious cases, neck pain can mean an inability to move or even accomplish the simplest activities. With a Las Vegas neck pain expert, you can change all this and lead a better life. You can get expert advice and even a diagnosis that will help eliminate neck pain.

What does it mean to have chronic neck pain?

Injuries are synonymous with activities you undertake leading to neck pain if one or more of the tissues in your neck suffer from injuries.  However, some forms of neck pain do not come from a serious injury but from how you treat your neck. For instance, having the wrong posture when sitting is why you could have issues with your neck. You could also injure your neck when sleeping in the wrong position. However, for some people, a neck issue arises from underlying issues to do with their spine; such issues can make them patients of chronic neck pain.

Which activities put you at risk of neck pain?

The way you treat your body could be the number one reason for your neck woes. Consequently, an average American spends at least five hours on their phones. These statistics highlight just how many people put themselves at risk of a neck issue because while using your phone, your head pulls on some muscles which gradually leads to neck strain.

For you to reduce your chances of a neck problem, you must avoid these issues:

  •         Myelopathy
  •         Spinal stenosis
  •         Injuries
  •         Deformities in your thoracic
  •         Cervical radiculopathy
  •         Osteoarthritis
  •         Bulging discs
  •         Cervical radiculopathy

Chronic neck pain involves the type of pain that does not resolve within days or continues to intensify. Whenever you discover that your neck has given you problems for more than 2 weeks, you should visit McNulty Spine and find the right diagnosis that will push you to greater limits.

Neck pain, on certain occasions, comes with other debilitating symptoms which include tingling in your arms, leg pain, and other pains in some of your body parts. In such instances, you need to see your doctor soon.

How will your doctor diagnose and treat some symptoms of neck pain?

Various issues come into play when you visit McNulty Spine; your doctor will look at your symptoms first then decide the right examinations for you. You will benefit from the best technologies to determine the type of symptoms you have and the right treatment. Technologies to help in your diagnosis include:

  •         MRIs
  •         X-rays
  •         CT-scans
  •         Spinal injections
  •         Bone scans
  •         Nerve conduction studies

Once your doctor determines the reason for your neck pain, you will receive medication that will help improve your situation. The treatment options involve minimally invasive procedures that do much to help deal with your issue with minimum incisions.

Improve your quality of life by eliminating back pain with McNulty Spine. Achieve more with your life by kick-starting your journey to wellness by either calling or reaching the website for an appointment.

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