What Is Retirement Housing and What Goes on There?


Retirement housing relates to living solutions for senior citizens. These include independent as well as assisted living situations in apartments or housing units that might or might not be part of a larger retirement community. A retirement community or building can include both kinds of senior housing or just the single type. This will depend on the location and finances of seniors in need of retirement housing and financial assistance, at least in part, can also be made available for retirees.

The governments in some countries around the world have housing designated for senior citizens with a low income, which may be based on their amount of savings and/or monthly pension. In a number of cases, the government may help to pay a portion of the rental costs for retirement residences under a senior citizen, housing subsidy programme. And in other cases, senior citizens may be able to pay all of the costs by themselves, or their medical insurance plan can cover a part of their retirement housing costs.

Depending on a Country’s Standards

Unless it is a more upmarket accommodation that wealthier seniors pay for themselves, such as a retirement village, the majority of these housing units are more compact and modest in their design. These senior apartments are commonly self-contained with a private bathroom, kitchen and living area, but this all depends on a country’s overall housing standards. A senior citizen’s building or complex also usually has common activity rooms such as an entertainment and an exercise area, a game room and meeting lounge.

Assisted living amenities for retirees may still maintain all of these same facilities and features, but will be designed to house and accommodate seniors with disabilities and their caretakers. Assisted living retirement housing solutions have professional staff with the qualifications always on duty so that the inhabitants who require daily or occasional help with grooming, transportation or medical procedures can receive it as deemed necessary.

Independence and Constant Assistance

Independent senior housing is for senior citizens who are able to function and look after themselves on a day to day basis by themselves. This kind of retirement housing is commonly a self-contained dwelling in an apartment building or townhouse complex. This kind of independent living retirement community is in most cases nearby to senior community centres as well as having shopping facilities close by.

The type of senior lodgings which differs from most retirement living conditions is the nursing home model, as this is designed for citizens who are in need of constant assistance and medical care. Instead of separate retirement housing units, nursing homes are more similar to hospitals with several patients in separate beds who share one room and a bathroom. There are usually smaller private rooms available in a nursing home that may be covered under medical insurance. Professional medical staff are always on call in a nursing home to provide all medical supervision.

Senior citizens deserve the best quality of care, love and respect.

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