The Purpose of Clinical Research and Why You Should Participate


Clinical research is a critical discipline aimed at ameliorating medical knowledge, such as discovering new medicine and identifying, diagnosing, and lowering a particular disease’s chances. This is done with volunteer participants before any medication is availed to the public. It shows the researchers what works well and which one does not among the patients. While many people have participated in the research, volunteering is crucial because of the results’ uncertainty. However, specialists of clinical research in Falls Church at Integrated Neurology Services are focused on the careful selection of participants to develop better treatment methods.

Who is eligible for clinical research?

Before you participate in clinical research, the specialists will consider if you are eligible for the test. It depends on their objectives and what they are studying. The specialists will carefully select the participants while considering age, medical history, health status, gender, and other factors to ensure that they achieve exact and crucial results. Before deciding to participate in the research, talk to your doctor to determine if you can participate.

What should I expect in clinical research?

Before undergoing the research, it is crucial to understand everything about it. Talk to your doctor to learn more about the research and if it is appropriate for you. When you visit the specialist, they will ask you questions about your medical history and see if you are eligible before conducting other tests. You should book an appointment with your doctor so that you can learn more about it and how to prepare for it.

What is the importance of participating in clinical research?

Clinical research is well planned and has various benefits including: 

  • It will assist in identifying treatment, thus adding more knowledge to the medical field.
  • Participants who are sick get specialized care and attention from the specialists, not forgetting that they receive a new form of treatment, thus promoting their wellbeing.
  • It also helps the researchers find better treatments for other people.

How long does the research last?

If you would like to participate in clinical research, you will ask yourself many questions like how long it would last. The duration of the research varies depending on the study and objectives. As usual, in the process of informed consent, you will be notified how long it will take.

Can I withdraw from the research at any time?

Clinical research is voluntary; therefore, you are allowed to withdraw any time you like it. When you stop, your doctor will keep giving you the care and attention you need. Your doctor may ask you to go back for the last evaluation, which may involve laboratory and physical tests.

You should note that everything that comes with an advantage comes with its downfall. It is recommended that you talk to your doctor to discuss the benefits and risks of getting involved in such a trial.

Infographic provided by The Emmes Company, a clinical research organization

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