A Healthy Diet Plan for Wheel Chair Users


Disabled persons, who are only confined to a Wheel Chair can easily put on some extra weight because they can`t burn their calories by doing any physical activity. So they don’t have any option left except for controlling and maintain their diet, they can`t afford to have any extra calories. Medifast1.com coupons can provide you a variety of healthy diet plans within your desired budget.

Here are some tips which all the wheel chair users should keep in mind while preparing their daily diet plan:

Avoid fattening food:
You have to sit for the whole time so you must go for the fat free and easy to digest food. Never eat oily and high cholesterol meals. Use foods that are filling, but not fattening. You can also use the Medifast1.com coupons to select a healthy diet plan at cheap rates.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables:

Fruit and Vegetables provide all the necessary nutrients, without storing any fat in your body. They are the best source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Try to eat at least 5 portions of fruits and veggies per day. There are a hundred of recipes you can follow to prepare tasty recipes from fresh fruits and vegetables. Avail the Medifast1.com coupons now and start your journey towards heath at a price that you will love.

Take fibre with Protein:

Whenever you take a protein combine a fibre with it. Use bran bread, wholegrain bread, oatmeal and brown rice in combination with the protein. This will help you in digestion and will not let fat store in your body.

Use Low-fat Dairy Products:

Dairy products contain Calcium which strengthens your bones and muscles, these are very important especially for a disabled person. Drinking skimmed milk and eating low fat dairy products can be very helpful in maintain your weight. Medifast1.com coupons offer you diet plan according to your lifestyle at affordable rates.

Drink a lot of Water:

It`s important for everyone to drink enough water every day. This can also help you lose weight. Drink at least 9 glasses of water. Water will help you to reduce your weight and will remove the toxins from your body. Avoid high-calorie beverages like soda, fizzy drinks, cocktails, and alcohol.

You can also keep yourself slim and smart on a wheel chair. All you need is to select your diet plan wisely.

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